+2160$ on binary options with super profitable strategy!

How binary options trading brought me $2,160 in one day

+2160$ on binary options with super profitable strategy! 100% Profits on Canada News! Report for 12/18/2015 on binary options trading. Used trading pairs: USD/CAD, CAD/JPY and GBP/CAD.

In anticipation of the release of important news for Canada, it was decided to open several large transactions using this strategy.

The news was on consumer prices and wholesales. All indicators came out negative, the actual value was marked in red, which means that for the Canadian dollar such events are negative and it begins to fall.

Accordingly, pairs in which there is a Canadian, and these are for example: USD/CAD, CAD/JPY and GBP/CAD. Naturally, you can open deals on them in order to earn guaranteed money.

Why is it guaranteed to earn?

Because, firstly, we use the release of indicators on the news, and secondly, we have a break-even strategy that essentially shows the direction of movement even before the release of the news itself!

Let's look at the calendar:

News across Canada

At the beginning, transactions were opened on the 24option platform for the Canadian dollar, in particular for the USD/CAD pair:

Deals at 24option

Why was there such an entrance?

Consider an example of entries on currency pairs.


USD/CAD on binary options

Since it is better to buy on the news with a small expiration of 5 minutes, opening the M1 timeframe, we see that right before the news release, all the lower indicators have gathered in a heap at the very bottom.

+ both stochastics are in the oversold zone, as a result, you can open deals in only one direction, namely: buy! There can be no other!

Then I decided to buy more in order to earn more and opened deals on CAD/JPY and GBP/CAD, since these pairs also contain the Canadian dollar, and this is what happened in the end:


All transactions that were opened on this strategy using the economic calendar closed in plus!


CAD/JPY on binary options

On the upper screen for the CAD/JPY pair, all the lower indicators clustered at the top before the news and both stochastics are also in the overbought zone, which means that you need to sell!


GBP/CAD on binary options

On the screen with the GBP/CAD pair, the situation is exactly the opposite. All indicators gathered from below and stochastics too, there is only one choice: to buy! Which is what we did.

Of course, when there such a strategyWhy not make money this easy way?

Do you also want to earn guaranteed money by opening just a few transactions?

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