+2190$ on binary options!

$2190 on binary options - my personal experience

Another binary options trading brought 2190$ net profit! Do you still think that making money on binary options is not real? See below for a detailed trading report for 01/05/2016 in screenshots!

Yesterday, options were bought in exactly the same way on the news from Germany, which brought an inevitable 100% profit! By the way, this report with earnings of 5425$ literally in 10 minutes of trading can be viewed in this entry.

At the moment, there is such economic news as: Change in the number of unemployed in Germany.

The actual data came out in green, and a positive value means the currency has risen and it means you can buy!

Euro news

We compare the data on a break-even strategy and it also shows correctly!

Trading strategy

The screenshot shows that in the middle window the indicators gathered at the bottom and formed a flagellum. They are in the zone of strong oversold market, as well as stochastics show oversold, which means that the price will roll back.

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We are launching the 24option platform, where you can not be afraid for the withdrawal of earned funds. They output without problems, at least 200$, at least 10000$!

At first I thought about buying 1-2 options, but then I decided to buy more and in total I got 6 deals. If a good moment in the market, then why not make money?

Trading with 24option

As you can see from the screenshot, all 6 options closed positively, which is good news.

Happy trading everyone! If no one else has super-profitable break-even strategy, I advise you not to delay the opportunity to start earning real and stable money!

Attention! 24option has stopped trading binary options, it is recommended to move to a more reliable trading platform FinMax!

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