2485$ on Non-Farm Payrolls news: super profitable strategy!

2485$ on Non-Farm Payrolls news: super profitable strategy!

As you know, every first Friday of the month, the long-awaited and most important news is released - Non-Farm Payrolls! Since at this time the price becomes the most predictable, this one can easily be used to make money on binary options!

How to trade on Non Farm?

Trading on Non Form Peirol is not much different from trading on other news, but in general, this event in the world of economics is considered the most important, so we will pay special attention to it.

So, open economic calendar and look at what time the most significant news (3 bull heads) comes out according to your time, for example - Non-Farm Payrolls:


Open the trading platform, select short-term trading and set 5 minutes.

For news trading using the US dollar (USD), the USD/JPY pair is well suited.

Then we wait until the actual indicators come out and look, we are not in a hurry to open deals, since the price may twitch in the opposite direction, different from what the readings came out.

In this case, the indicator came out negative (marked in red), if there is a positive value, then the numbers will turn green.

If the data is negative (red), it means buying only for a fall ↓

If the value is positive (green), then we take it up ↑

But, it happens that the readings come out neutral (black), which means that the data came out the same as in the previous period or slightly changed.

  • There are two options here: you can refrain from trading or start buying on the increase. As a rule, such indications also have a favorable effect on the currency and often the price starts to move up.

In this case, it was necessary to buy short. The expiration time is 5 minutes and this is what happened:


24option has an excellent implementation of TURBO options trading, just press 5 minutes and the platform automatically counts down to 300 seconds and no freezes, which is important when trading on the news!

Start trading binary options right now!

Earnings are amazing!

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Attention! 24option has stopped trading binary options, it is recommended to move to a more reliable trading platform FinMax!

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