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How Just 16 Binary Options Trades Made Me $6,000

100% profit on the news at super profit binary options strategies! A break-even strategy produces insane results.

A total of 16 deals were opened on the pairs: USD/JPY and USD/CAD just before the release of the famous and most significant nonfarm payrolls news!

NonFarm Payrolls: is the change in the number of nonfarm payrolls in the US.

All traders have been waiting for the release of this news for so long, because you can always make money on it 100%, a very rare case when the market reacts badly to the release of data, usually the price breaks rapidly in one direction.

Our task is to have time to buy an option, but in which direction to buy?

Of course, you can use the calendar of events and look at it just at the time of the release of the news to see what color the actual value will be, but there is still % of risk here, since the market is an unpredictable thing.

Therefore, we use our break even strategy to form a complete market situation. It is she who gives the exact answer: where the price will move and this can be seen even before the release of the news.



We see that the blue and black indicator in the middle window rested against the corner, while the red and yellow indicator lagged behind it.

The lines formed an angle and the price reached the yellow MA, which serves as a very strong support + in this case, we were prompted by the exit of a positive indication: it was green and we open a trade for an increase literally for 5 minutes, this is always enough.

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And the rest of the indicators served as an additional impetus, which made the price move very strongly.

NonFarm Payrolls

Here are the trades made with the 24option broker (by the way, the only broker with a hassle-free withdrawal of money):

24option on the news

All trades on USD/JPY closed in profit

Profit at 24option

Including trades in USD/CAD

USD/CAD on the news

Here, in general, GOD himself ordered to open a deal, besides, the news data also came out positive.

In this case, the lower stochastic hit the bottom and entered the oversold zone. The indicators of the middle window also rested on the bottom, and since the indicators do not draw, it means that the price will certainly move in the opposite direction, which means it will go up!

So we buy options for an increase and you can invest not in one transaction, but in several, which we did.

Trading with 24option

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