+808$ news from Australia: news trading is easy, fast and efficient!

+808$ news from Australia: news trading is easy, fast and efficient!

On June 6, 2017, 2 news on Australia came out at once, the readings were unchanged - black, which is also positive for the currency.


As a result, it turned out to open 17 trades for 100$ = in total for 1700$, only 2 trades out of all closed with a loss and one at 0.

Net profit amounted to: 808$

Trading was carried out naturally with the 24option broker, because only he has no requotes and slippages!



What were the nuances in trading on AUD news?

At first, there was a sharp upward movement of the price, and not everyone would have had time to enter, but it was impossible to do this, since usually after a sharp movement there is a rollback in the opposite direction.

You need to wait for a rollback and then buy an option in the direction of this sharp movement. In addition, the testimonies came out positive, which was done.

Options were bought on a rollback, though 2 deals were closed with a loss, where the price fluctuated for a long time, but then it shot up again and the rest closed with a plus.


Are you still trading on the news?

After all, this is the easiest and most effective way to make money on binary options without experience and knowledge!

Attention! 24option has stopped trading binary options, it is recommended to move to a more reliable trading platform FinMax!

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