Binary options: what is it and how to make money on them? Opinion of specialists and experts

Binary options: what is it and how to make money on them?
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What are binary options according to experts and how can you earn money on them?

Earn really, quickly and a lot, and most importantly - without bothering yourself with anything?

Probably the most important and basic question of most beginners is where did binary options come from, who invented them and why?

What are binary options?

Binary Options is a bet on the rise or fall of a financial asset.

At first glance, everything is quite simple.

For example, we predict that the price of the euro will rise in the next hour.

What's next? You want to capitalize on this and place a bet on EUR/USD (euro-dollar) pair falling in the amount of 100$ with an expiration time of 1 hour, i.e. that in 1 hour the price will be lower than the current one.

  • Thus, we predict that the price for this pair will fall in 1 hour.

If the price in 1 hour is at least 1 point lower than the current one, we get % of profit, usually it is 85% on average. That is, net earnings will be 85$ and this amount can be earned in just 60 seconds!

Where did they come from and why?

Binary options appeared thanks to people and their dreams.

  1. Trade directly in the browser (without any programs on the computer). For those who are trying to make money on Forex, even installing MT4 is already a problem, but here, you don’t need to install any programs at all!
  2. Trade by pressing 2 buttons - UP and DOWN. (no need for Stop Loss, Take Profit, Trailing Stop and other complex concepts) just click and you are rich!
  3. Even before the deal, it is clear how much you will win and how much you will lose!

How can you make money with binary options?

1. Start simple registration from a trusted and reliable broker;

2. Fund your trading account with at least the minimum amount (250$, 250 euros or 20,000 rubles equivalent);

3. Look binary options strategies, choose the one you like;

4. Start making deals on broker platform I follow the trading rules of the chosen strategy;

5. Withdraw earned money to your e-wallet or bank account;

6. Continue to raise capital with the remaining funds in the account!

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What is the opinion of experts?

If the algorithm of binary options operation, as well as ways of earning income with their use, are described impartially, then taking into account the peculiarities of the work of brokerage companies, it can be unequivocally stated that binary contracts are tools for quick income.

Binary options, according to experts, can really provide a stock player with high profits and stable receipt of it, more than one trader has already earned decent capital using this tool. But it has its own features that you need to understand before you start trading binary options.

Binary options - is it very easy?


This statement is both true and dubious at the same time. After all, binary trading, along with other financial transactions on the stock exchange, is a complex work that is carried out for many days and constantly.

And if you decide register on the brokerage terminal and immediately hit a huge jackpot - then we will have to disappoint you, it’s impossible right away, or rather, it’s not possible without using strategies. Since most newbies are throwing minimum deposit just starts playing - like roulette.

Only with the help of the experience gained, at least basic knowledge gained and having understood the essence of exchange processes, you will be able to eventually achieve success and consistently large earnings.

But what is true is true: in fact, the process of earning profit with the help of binary trading should not cause any difficulties for you.

You simply analyze the asset market using the acquired knowledge and bet on the growth or fall of its quotes.

Often beginners try to do it at random, in a hurry, not wanting to learn - and fail, which is quite natural. However, being a purposeful person, and having clearly decided for himself to achieve the desired result, a thinking trader, before entering the market, will study the traded asset or go through the provided training materials.

For example, on the site brokerage company - the educational section is open for study free of charge.

It presents a basic set of knowledge in the form of various materials for every taste - from classic manuals and textbooks with a section of frequently asked questions - to video materials that allow you to evaluate the processes of working with binary options in dynamics.

Binary options training

Even after completing the minimum theoretical course, you will already be able, on average, to earn 30-40% more, which will allow you to gradually increase your trading capital and not waste it.

Earn or not - a matter of luck?

Binary options casino

This is a completely incorrect statement, only those who have not dealt with the financial exchange at all can think so.

There is, of course, on the stock exchange, a certain stage of gambling, but this is only external, because in fact all the processes that take place obey their own laws and when playing a sweepstakes, you can’t trace them in any way and you won’t use them.

In order to increase the effectiveness of trading, you need to apply existing ones or develop your own trading methods and tactics.

Trading rules and algorithms which are based on analytics (using indicators and patterns of market movement).

Thus, you increase the profitability of your binary options trading every time.

After all, working systematically, the trader will no longer be dependent on the ephemeral subtleties of luck, but will carry out his work on the basis of clear trading rules based on the experience of experts and market history.

Based on this, even binary options are an incredibly effective method of generating profits - there is no doubt about it!

Who pays brokers?

Brokers earn from you on the commission of transactions made by you. To trade without fear of losing funds, you need to choose a reliable company that has all the necessary licenses, for example FinMaxBO › where you can even earn no risk.

Here are the main criteria that any decent brokerage house must meet:

  • The brokerage company must have a license, all operations must be carried out transparently, the conditions for exchange players must be favorable, and an expanded range of trading software and technical services on the terminal is also desirable.
  • Withdrawal of funds from the deposit should be carried out no more than a day in advance and the broker should not impose any additional requirements on you for this.

Just take a little time to secure yourself on the stock exchange - and your success will not be long in coming.

What risks does a trader face?

Risks in binary options

Each exchange instrument, or rather, its use, is primarily an operation associated with a certain level of risk. But this level can be easily and effectively managed.

Here are the main criteria for risk management:

  1. At the initial stage, work with easy and understandable trading pairs;
  2. Do not trade too many different assets (you can choose one or two);
  3. Do not overload the deposit (do not open too many transactions at the same time);
  4. Always start with the lowest available rate;
  5. If you start working with a minimum deposit (less than 500$), do not open more than one trade at a time and do not work with more than one pair.

If you have a small initial deposit, you can easily increase it by taking bonus.

  • As a result, we can say that binary options, according to experts, is one of the most popular and working methods of generating income.

With strict adherence to all the rules, principles and advice, you get a multiple increase in your deposits in a relatively short time - this is a fact!


To start earning - just open a free trading account and try yourself in business!

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