Bonuses on binary options: the main advantages, overclocking the deposit with bonus funds!

Binary Options Bonuses: Should You Buy?

What are binary options bonuses? What is their essence and peculiarity? Is it worth taking bonuses?

Now almost all the best brokers offer the most favorable terms of cooperation, promotions and gifts for any action. For you, this is an opportunity to enter trading on favorable terms.

The essence of bonuses in a nutshell

The essence of bonuses is to receive funds that a trader can use by fulfilling the necessary conditions - to register. These funds allow you to save your personal money, start trading and get real money for it. It is profitable, psychologically comfortable, especially if you are a beginner.

Sometimes brokers offer a return of a certain percentage of the funds in case of a loss as a bonus. So, you get an additional opportunity to recoup, while saving your money.


Do you need bonuses?

If you are serious about trading, a bonus is an opportunity for profitable trading, an opportunity to earn additional income or minimize your losses.

In general, bonuses should not scare you away, on the contrary, when you start your first steps in options trading, the conditions of the broker and his special offers are what will allow you to save or gain benefits.

Properly using the bonus and knowing the conditions, you can earn more and start trading more confidently!

How can I get a bonus from a broker?

The bonus is usually given right after you register and open an account. The amount of the bonus depends on the type of account. The larger the amount of your deposit, the larger the bonus.

But sometimes brokers make concessions and hold promotions, where the amount of bonus funds reaches 200% (it all depends on the loyalty of the broker).

How many times can you take the bonus?

The bonus can be issued only once and only to new customers - these are the conditions of the companies. But, brokers often go to a meeting and issue bonuses repeatedly to already active clients.

How much interest can you get?

There are several bonuses: 25,50,75 and 100%. if the promotion passes, then the broker can give you a bonus on 150% or even 200%

The main advantage of bonuses is that the higher your deposit, the more money you can manage when trading.

How is the bonus processed?

If you are serious about trading, working out bonus funds should not scare you. You have to wrap your bonus amount 40 times.

% bonus * 40 = volume of trades to be made

For example, you replenished your account with 1000$, the broker offered you a deposit of 100%

100% * 40 = 4000$

  • 4000$ is the volume of all transactions that you need to make, with a deposit of 2000$ - it's a waste of time!

With active trading, such a bonus is usually worked out in a couple of weeks or, in extreme cases, 1 month.

If you do not sit on the couch, but work, then

You can get a bonus up to 200% link "

Is there a no deposit bonus?

No deposit bonuses are just promotions run by some brokers. You are offered a choice:

  • Carry out the maximum possible volume of transactions in the minimum allotted time;
  • Get the maximum profit in the allotted time;
  • Get the minimum possible drawdown in the allotted time, etc.

In fact, this is a game with real prizes and has nothing to do with real bonuses.

It follows from this that whatever one may say, but making money on binary options without investments is almost impossible. Trading is not a game of roulette, it is a business, and any business requires an initial investment.

After all, to get gold, you need to have at least a little gold ...

May the power and knowledge be with you!

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