Akscapital is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

Akscapital reviews scam
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Literally every person dreams of making a profit in a passive mode, making a minimum of effort and time. The best way to achieve such goals is through investments through special companies and funds. Unfortunately, the vast majority of such organizations perform their duties in bad faith, being ordinary “scam projects” that steal the money of depositors. Today we will look at one of these companies, operating under the name Akscapital. We will conduct a detailed analysis of the site, study all aspects of its activities and issue an appropriate verdict.

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Akscapital. General information

Broker's main website:


Trustorg rating:

Akscapital reviews scam
Trust in the network

Site analysis

It is not possible to approach the evaluation of the Akscapital website with the usual yardstick. The web resource of this office is represented exclusively by one form of authorization. You can get to the trading terminal of these comrades or clarify the details of cooperation with them only after registering using a special promotional code. Only the "chosen ones" can get it. This is a standard scam to give your platform more exclusivity and avoid unwanted mentions online.

The technical analysis of the site gave some results. We managed to find out that the owners of the organization use special software to hide their contact information. They hide from deceived customers. The pages of the monitored portal are practically not indexed by search engines, which indicates its recent appearance and poor workmanship. As a result, we have a corresponding cost estimate of 5 rubles.

Akscapital reviews scam
Site rating

Akscapital is a project owned by old scammers. Their site existed a few years ago in a completely normal form. After these friends scammed, nothing was heard of them for a long time, and now they are resurrected again. Checking the IP address of the web resource showed that at the moment the scammers have 2 other projects with a similar name.

Akscapital reviews scam

Expertise of legal information, Akscapital licenses

First of all, it is necessary to find out the real age of the organization. Any adequate investor or trader will tell you that it is better not to cooperate with platforms that are less than a year old. Using the Whois service, we were able to find out that the site presented appeared only on 01/30/2022. These crooks are not even a month old, which is already a taboo for all investors who value their assets.

Akscapital reviews scam
Domain age

In one of the social networks, we found a thematic group in Akscapital. In it, swindlers share their imaginary successes and lure new customers into their clutches. The group is little by little supported. However, it can be seen with the naked eye that even the activity in the public is insignificant, and that one is wound up.

Akscapital reviews scam

Akscapital does not provide any legal information, as well as any useful information in general, to its clients. All facts indicate that our new friends are working in Russia. So it will not be superfluous to check the registers of the Central Bank. Without his permission on the territory of the Russian Federation, any financial activity is illegal. Surprisingly, we managed to find some information about this project in the registers of the main domestic regulator.

Akscapital reviews scam
Blacklist of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation

These comrades still have registration. But even the official state structure confirms all our guesses and points out that Akscapital is nothing more than a financial pyramid.

Real Akscapital customer reviews

Before these friends had even entered the market, reviews appeared on the network about them. Literally a week after the creation of the project, laudatory comments began to be written on various sites. All these responses are written as a carbon copy, there is no doubt that they belong to the owners of the "scam". Even the users themselves pay attention to it.

Akscapital reviews scam

Despite all the anonymity that Akscapital adheres to, there are also plenty of real reviews about their activities. Clients of this sharashka office conduct their own investigations and talk about its fraudulent tendencies. We are dealing with a real financial pyramid scheme.

Akscapital reviews scam

If scammers from Akscapital scammed you for money, tell us about it at the end of the article. You will help others not to fall for the deception of scammers.

Scheme of deceiving Akscapital users

Akscapital appears to be a hedge fund. But we hasten to assure you that this statement does not go beyond words. Those who have read the reviews on our site binarybets.ru will see many familiar details in the scheme, according to which the presented company operates. There is nothing surprising in this, all charlatans use common time-tested algorithms.

After the scammers launch their platform, they start an active advertising campaign. Their target audience is novice investors and easy money seekers. The easiest way to find such people is on social networks. Akscapital's ads have been seen on many topic groups and on some dubious bloggers. Also, scammers themselves regularly call and write to a large number of users.

When there are clients interested in the company's services, experienced managers are connected to their processing. They know what to influence in order to persuade the layman to cooperate with them. As soon as the user agrees to their terms, they quickly slip their terminal and give access to it, not forgetting to mention their exclusivity and exclusivity.

Then the matter remains small. The already processed victim makes a deposit according to the chosen investment plan and starts waiting for the promised income. Often, in the initial stages, the client may be paid small dividends to motivate him to increase his investments.

The end result of this story is always the same. After the expiration of all terms, no payments will be made. No one will let you withdraw the invested money either. Everyone who promised full support and return will quickly disappear and will not get in touch. The mousetrap closed.


Akscapital are yet another scammers who brazenly deceive people and embezzle other people's money. No one, except the owners of this office, will earn money here. The organization maintains complete anonymity in all its activities. Fraudsters actively promote their service and pay for positive reviews. However, the real course of things is well known to us. Do not trust your capital to the first project that comes across. Always remain vigilant.

If, as a result of cooperation with Akscapital or any other investment "scam", you have lost money, there is still an opportunity to return it, not everything is lost. Leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the review. We will send you step-by-step illustrated instructions on how to act in such situations.

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