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Avgstar reviews scam
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The online trading market is developing. There are many companies and brokers offering their services in this direction. And the faster this area grows, the more scammers appear. They attract with pleasant bonuses, interesting conditions and, in general, mutually beneficial cooperation. Behind all this there is only one goal - to fill your pocket. Avgstar is one of those offices that positions itself as an international financial company and has been operating on the market for 7 years. Today we will understand in more detail what kind of scam it is.

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Avgstar General information

Broker's main website:


Whois check:

Avgstar reviews scam
Domain age

Site analysis

The full site interface is not available. In order to find out and see what exactly is posted there, you need to register. At the same time, if you look at the design of what is available to us, it is obvious that they did not think about it for a long time. The layout looks formulaic and as simple as possible: only text and a picture of a phone with graphs. It is even surprising that a specialized service estimated the cost of the site at 9 rubles.

Avgstar reviews scam
Site rating

The Internet resource consists of the following sections:

  • trade;
  • analysis;
  • other.

The Trading section includes an overview of signal trading, platforms and applications, investments, as well as deposits and withdrawal options. The "Analysis" includes news from FXStreet and trading signals from Autochartist. In the "Other" tab you can find contact information, legal documents, answers to frequently asked questions, a forum. At the same time, it is not possible to open each section; when clicked, it redirects to the Main page and requires registration.

It is clear that in the "basement" of the site, the office immediately warns about the risks and disclaims responsibility for the loss of money. This is how most of the scam projects considered on binarybets.ru do it.

At the pre-registration stage, the portal resembles a landing page. Here you can find quite a bit of information about the office. For example, the guys claim that they use the modern Metatrader 4 platform. In addition, they indicate 4 tariff plans: Standard, Nano, ECN, ECN.PRO. It is not clear what the minimum deposit and conditions are, but there is a small description for each. Avgstar also suggests using PAMM accounts and choosing the trading strategies of experienced traders supposedly for efficient trading.

Avgstar reviews scam

Expertise of legal information, Avgstar licenses

In fact, legal information is closed. At the same time, at the very end you can find a whole block of some legal information. From it you can find out that allegedly Avgstar is a trademark of the German fintech company Avgstar Group. The website is owned by the Avgstar Group and operated by Avgstar Global Ltd, which is incorporated under the laws of the Republic of the Marshall Islands and is a wholly owned subsidiary. Also, scammers were not too lazy to register a bunch of names of enterprises that are registered here and there.

Avgstar reviews scam

This is all, of course, not true. For example, Avgstar indicates the presence of registration with the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, i.e. local regulator. When you go to the site and try to find this office there, it is expected that it says “not found”.

Avgstar reviews scam

In addition, they do not have the right to carry out financial activities in Russia. Not only because our regulator did not give them a license to do so. But also due to the fact that Avgstar was included in the list of companies with identified signs of illegal activity.

Avgstar reviews scam
Blacklist of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation

Despite the fact that these guys tried to hide the information as much as possible so that it would be difficult to find fault with anything, it is not difficult to check the fakeness of all the data presented.

Domain registration is also added to the treasury of their deceit. If you believe the service, then the site was registered back in 2017. At the same time, it was updated quite recently - in November 2021. If you look into the web archive, you can see that 5 years ago there was some kind of Chinese application with anime. Conclusion - they just bought a domain and added their information.

Avgstar reviews scam
Web Archive

Real customer reviews Avgstar

There are not so many reviews on this pseudo-broker on the network. There were only a few negative comments. They talk about the fact that scammers simply deceive people, they do it almost openly and quite quickly.

Avgstar reviews scam

Avgstar reviews scam

If you are a victim of black broker Avgstar, leave your comment below this article. This will help other traders save their funds.  

Avgstar User Scam Scheme

Initially, it is clear that Avgstar focuses on inexperienced users, otherwise the office would not have indicated about PAMM accounts and strategies of experienced traders on its website in open information. In addition, the site has information about holding some contests and promotions. This convinces that the office is trying with all its might to lure gullible traders. Like most scam projects, there is a loyalty program with quite large bonuses for meeting certain conditions.

Most likely, the scheme is as simple as possible: scammers call people or write to them on social networks. They lure you with promises and beautiful words to your site. They are waiting for the client to deposit money into the account, and then they are drained.


The Avgstar scam is an ordinary fraudulent organization that indicated a bunch of fake documents and is on the list of illegal companies of the Central Bank of Russia. This office does not inspire confidence in principle, even just looking at their website is enough. Despite the fact that the guys are trying to lure them into their networks with attractive conditions, it is better to pass by right away. They obviously will not even try to wait and wind up charts to show how cool everything works. Avgstar will immediately shamelessly drain the trader's money.

Leave your e-mail at the beginning of the article if the pseudo broker Avgstar deceived you. We will send detailed instructions with a description of how to return your funds.

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