Axiory is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

Axiory reviews scam

Axiory is clearly aimed at beginner traders. The creators offer the easiest and fastest way to make money - copying successful strategies. It turns out that it is enough to repeat the steps of professional investors who managed to increase income, and you will increase your own capital. In general, this does not seem to be such a complicated and very attractive proposition. It just sounds too simple and tempting, there is a catch, and in the material we will analyze what it consists of.

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Axiory General information

Broker's main website:

Verification by Trustorg:

Axiory reviews scam
Trust in the network

Site analysis

Surprisingly, the site looks high quality. They obviously did a good job on it: colors, fonts, animations, structure. A specialized service estimated the cost of the portal at 1,986 rubles. well deserved.

Axiory reviews scam
Site rating

The site includes the following sections:

  • trade;
  • accounts;
  • platforms;
  • education;
  • about Axiory;
  • cooperation.

The portal can be translated into seven languages, including Russian. At the same time, the translation does not look like a machine translation, i.e. nevertheless, they tried and purposefully worked on the texts.

On the main page, you can see bright banners calling for opening an account and taking free training. By the way, a very good marketing ploy, because in the learning process you can actively “process” so that the user opens an account, offer additional services or something similar in order to lure out more money. Unfortunately, there was also a warning about the risks, which is located in the footer of the site, which is already beginning to alarm.

Unlike most scam projects reviewed on, here you can find information about the guide and even photos. Considering that these pictures could not be found in the public domain, it can be assumed that they are either not stock, or they were worked on in Photoshop.

In general, in all sections of the site you can get comprehensive information, however, its information content is low. Lots of classic marketing buzzwords about how cool and well-deserved guys are.

Expertise of legal information, Axiory licenses

Let's move on to the most interesting, because it really is. The creators write that they have licenses from regulators in the UK, Mauritius and Belize. And it turns out everything is generally smooth, but there are several nuances. Regarding the UK license, this office writes that the Axiory CopyTrade platform is a rebranding of London & Eastern LLP (a company that is registered under the license number provided). The first question that arises is how a platform (a set of technologies and specifications for software products) can be a rebranding of a legal entity. The second point: the site of the UK regulator states that London & Eastern LLP trades under 7 names, and there is no Axiory there.

Axiory reviews scam

Regarding the licenses of Mauritius and Belize, it was not possible to find information about this fraudulent project on the site of the first, and there really is such an office on the portal of the Belize regulator, but let's recall that this is an offshore region. If, nevertheless, there is still a glimmer of hope that this office is honest, then we will disappoint. Axiory is on the list of companies with identified signs of illegal activity. This information can be found on the official website of the Central Bank of Russia.

Axiory reviews scam
Registers of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation

In addition, a set of template files in the form of a user agreement, a notice of risks, anti-money laundering, security of funds, privacy policy - clearly make it clear that we have a common scam that tries to absolve itself of responsibility at various points and change conditions at any time at your discretion. At the same time, the site itself can be translated into Russian, but these dubious documents are available only in English.

The last moment that will put an end to Axiory's lack of integrity. The check showed that the site was created back in 2011. If you look at the web archive, then this is true, and already this year it was a financial office. Another thing is curious - there is no mention of London & Eastern LLP, although this would be quite logical, given the rebranding. Moreover, for a long time the scammers could not decide in which countries they work. Initially, they indicated that they were available in Japan and Hong Kong, and a year later they were not there, but Singapore was already appearing. By the way, in 2013, judging by the pages of the web archive, Axiory Ltd was registered in the Seychelles and there was no talk of a license.

Axiory reviews scam
Domain age

Axiory reviews scam

Features of the work of the company Axiory. Tools and conditions for traders

Axiory offers trading on the Forex market, oil and energy, gold and other metals, stocks and ETFs. For the main clients, the office offers 5 types of accounts: Nano, Standard, Max, Tera, Alpha. Interestingly, the minimum deposit amount is the same and is $10. The difference in account types is only in working with platforms, spreads, leverage, commissions and some other options.

Axiory reviews scam

In addition to the main accounts, the user can open a demo, corporate and Islamic account. There is also a special investment called MT5 Alpha, which offers to buy stocks and ETFs and invest in the most successful brands.

In addition, the creators of the black broker offer access to educational materials. They created a full-fledged trading academy and analytical center Axiory Intellegence.

Real customer testimonials from Axiory

In order not to find negative comments about the work of the Axiory pseudo-broker, you need to try hard. In the network of reviews about this fraudulent project. Everyone who opened an account and invested funds claims that it is impossible to withdraw money, managers only promise help and advice, but in fact this does not happen. In addition, it is impossible to work with trading platforms, i.e. they often freeze and display incorrect information.

Axiory reviews scam Axiory reviews scam

Axiory reviews scam
Axiory Reviews

If you have been deceived by the black broker Axiory, leave your comment below this article. This will help other investors save their funds.

Axiory user scam

Obviously, Axiory is only interested in inexperienced investors, which is directly indicated in their banners and information on the portal. Enticing with an offer of good earnings without effort, they easily attract a lot of users. Then stupidly begin to lure money under various pretexts. Given the disgusting work of trading platforms, draining investors' money is not difficult. If you still managed to earn something, then based on the reviews, the money will not be able to be withdrawn due to endless excuses and promises from the managers.


Axiory is a company that has all the signs of a scam project, and a beautiful website obviously does not save it. Its fraudulent activities are evidenced not only by dubious legal documents, but also by the fact that the Central Bank of Russia has included this office in the list of illegally operating financial institutions. If you want to open an account with Axiory, a client from Russia will not be able to protect himself in case of deception, because. this office has no right to carry out its activities in our country.

If you are caught in the network of the Axiory pseudo-broker, leave your e-mail at the beginning of the article. We will send a step-by-step plan that describes the sequence of actions to return the lost money.

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