Epicinvest is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

Epicinvest reviews scam

Since its launch, Epicinvest has strived to empower everyone who wants to trade. Whether new to Forex and CFD trading or an experienced professional, the company offers its services to anyone who opens a trading account. The mission of this brokerage is to do everything possible to educate every trader. Epicinvest claims to have achieved some success with this. According to the creators of the platform, an educated trader is the best trader. It all sounds very neat and beautiful, but how much these words can be trusted, we'll figure it out today.

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Epicinvest General information

Broker's main website:


Whois check:

Epicinvest reviews scam
Domain age

Site analysis

When you enter the site, a notification immediately pops up with a proposal to use a credit bonus. Further, when you get to the Main, some disappointment sets in, because it looks very cheap. I was especially embarrassed by two logos of well-known companies, which seem obviously superfluous at this celebration of life.

The portal is miserable, it’s even surprising how a specialized service rated it at 65 rubles. Honestly, even 1 ruble is difficult. pay for this. These guys apparently thought that if they placed the famous logos and attached a marquee with the exchange rate, it would raise their level of importance and solidity. Alas, it is not measured by such things.

Epicinvest reviews scam
Site rating

The Internet resource consists of the following sections:

  • markets;
  • Education Centre;
  • stock;
  • account types;
  • share split;
  • about Us.

There is not much information posted on the main page. Just briefly about the platform, the benefits of working and the "open an account" button. The information on the portal as a whole does not carry any deep meaning or uniqueness. Template phrases about how professional they are and how much they can do. Naturally, they also did not forget to place a warning about the risks associated with trading in financial markets in the footer of the site.

At the same time, the site itself can be translated into several languages, but it works very strangely, because it starts translating as you scroll, and this is clearly some kind of built-in Google translator.

Expertise of legal information, Epicinvest licenses

Like most scam projects reviewed on binarybets.ru, the scammer did not bother to place a certificate from the regulator and a registration certificate. This leads thoughts to only one thing - this office is just a fraudulent project.

In the piggy bank of dishonesty, it is worth writing down the alleged license from the offshore zone of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. If these guys could google a little, they would know that this state does not issue any such documents. The site of the local FSA says in black and white that they do not register trading licenses for brokers.

Moreover, Epicinvest also has no right to carry out financial activities in Russia. This scam project was blacklisted by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. has signs of illegal activity in the financial market. By the way, other domains of these scammers are listed on the website of the Russian regulator, i.е. it is obvious that they are constantly changing them and jumping from one to another.

Epicinvest reviews scam
Registers of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation

In addition to the above, the fact that this is a scam is indicated by a meaningless set of documents: privacy policy, risk warnings, terms and agreements. Each of these “documents”, of course, refers to the fact that this “reliable” office can freeze the client’s account at any time without giving reasons, disclaim any responsibility and, in general, is not guilty of anything.

Checking the site showed that it was created in October 2021 (see the screen at the beginning of the review). At the same time, in the section "About us" we are talking about ten years of experience. Apparently, in the chronology of Epicinvest, 1 month is equal to 1 year.

Features of Epicinvest. Tools and conditions for traders

Epicinvest's management team has been trading Forex and CFDs for 10 years. Their mission is to constantly expand technology and offer the best trading conditions. Epicinvest treats traders like family and treats them with care and respect. The range of assets includes Forex and CFDs on stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies and indices. The technology that the office uses is modern and includes its own trading platform.

Among its advantages, the scammer highlights:

  • professional support;
  • safety;
  • modern technologies;
  • flexibility;
  • Education Centre;
  • trading instruments.

Clients are offered 6 tariff plans: Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Elite. The minimum deposit starts from 250 euros and ends with 250 thousand dollars. Accounts differ only in the number of options. There is also a Black tariff, but it is aimed at exclusive customers. You can open a full account or a demo version for free.

Epicinvest reviews scam

Epicinvest also gives you the opportunity to earn extra on a referral program, the essence of which is to invite a friend to the platform. In addition, the office has created an educational center for inexperienced traders. It contains 2 large courses, in which about 8 small lessons are published, as well as e-books and a glossary.

Real customer reviews Epicinvest

There are practically no comments on this fraudulent project on the net. Only one was found. This highlights the importance of spreading the word about this firm.

Epicinvest reviews scam

If you have fallen into the networks of the black broker Epicinvest, leave a comment under this review. This will help other traders save their money.

Epicinvest user fraud scheme

Given the absence of any comments from real people, it is difficult to say for sure how this scam lures customers. One of the ways is a referral link, which is used by already registered users, distributing it among their friends. At the same time, it is clear how exactly the broker is deceiving. After they managed to attract a client, these guys encourage them to replenish the account. As soon as the money has arrived, the trader will no longer see them. It is quite possible that initially they will create illusions for him that everything is working out for him and profits are growing. But this is fiction. As soon as the client wants to withdraw funds, he will be blocked or the funds will disappear from the account by mistake.


Epicinvest is definitely a classic scam project. Given the information posted on the site and the very appearance of the portal, this is not yet the most professional scam broker. Information from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation that this office is included in the list of illegally operating ones also speaks of fraud. The icing on the cake is the lack of any reviews, which is clearly strange for a reliable company with “ten years of experience”.

If the pseudo-broker Epicinvest deceived you, then leave your email at the beginning of the article. We will send a step-by-step plan for the return of funds.

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