F-Investors is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

F-Investor reviews scam
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Recently, the number of brokers on the Internet has been increasing exponentially. The number of scammers is also growing rapidly. We try to consider as many projects as possible in order to warn and protect traders. And today another interesting organization called F-Investors came to our review. Let's deal with it together.

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F-Investors. General information

Broker's main website:


Whois score:

F-Investor reviews scam
Domain age

Site analysis

It is not possible to evaluate the F-Investors website according to standard criteria, since this project has nothing besides the registration window and the trading terminal. However, technical analysis helped us to find out several important facts. The pages of the monitored web resource are practically not indexed by systems, which indicates its young age and poor quality of execution. It is also known that the owners of this brainchild hide their contact details using special software, and they do it for a reason. The specialized service estimated the presented site at the most deserved amount for it - 1 ruble.

F-Investor reviews scam
Site rating

The design of the trading terminal, and indeed its device in general, indicate the connection between F-Investors and the organization UTIP Technologies. These infamous guys are engaged in stream production of "scam brokers". For a small amount, they create template sites with fictitious trading terminals. For those who are willing to pay extra, they also help with fake documents, offshore registration and connection of payment systems. However, our guests today decided not to shell out for it.

Expertise of legal information, F-Investors licenses

We'll start by finding out the real age of F-Investors. A quick Whois check (screenshot at the beginning of the review) allowed us to find out that the project was born on 01/31/2022. These comrades are not even a month old. Any more or less experienced trader will tell you that in the direction of offices that are not at least one year old, there is not even anything to look at.

In which state it is registered and who owns F-Investors is unknown. However, according to the legend, the company provides its services in 173 countries of the world. Here a completely natural question arises, does the organization have at least one license to conduct financial activities, or are these comrades working illegally?

The only regulator with which we can check cooperation is the Central Bank. On our website binarybets.ru, we have repeatedly said that without his permission, no company can operate on the territory of the Russian Federation. It is clear that F-Investors are not listed in the registers of the Central Bank. We are willing to bet that our new friends in general do not have a single legitimate document. We are dealing with completely anonymous and unregulated charlatans.

F-Investor reviews scam

Features of the work of the company F-Investors. Tools and conditions for traders

The broker does not talk much about working conditions for traders, there is not even a standard “self-praise”. In the course of analyzing the trading terminal of the organization, we still managed to find out some information. The broker offers its clients:

  • access to transactions with more than two thousand assets, including currencies, futures, stocks, indices, etc.;
  • current market news, analytical materials, forecasts, technical analysis (these comrades stupidly posted links to informational articles from another resource on their service);
  • tight spreads from 0 pips.

F-Investor reviews scam

As for information regarding trading accounts, leverage, commissions, etc., it simply does not exist. The broker specifically does not disclose any data so that the client himself contacts him, because it is much easier to influence him this way.

We also managed to find out that account replenishment on the F-Investors platform is available only through crypto wallets. Such payment methods save scammers from calculating through details.

F-Investor reviews scam

Real customer reviews F-Investors

Despite the fact that F-Investors exist for only about a month and try to maintain complete anonymity in their affairs, there are more and more reviews about their office every day. Almost all of the comments are negative. Users actively criticize the organization and tell how they were thrown into large sums. All unanimously warn not to get involved with the submitted project.

F-Investor reviews scam

If scammers from F-Investors scammed you for money, tell us about it at the end of the article. You will help others not to fall for the deception of scammers.

F-Investors User Fraud Scheme

F-Investors is a typical "lohobroker". All these guys have had proven divorce schemes for a long time.

It is clear that it is impossible to accidentally get to the anonymous and non-indexed terminal of crooks. This type of scam does not work directly. They have a whole staff of people who are looking for victims. Their main audience is novice traders and easy money seekers. There are plenty of them on various publics in social networks or thematic forums. The scammers find the profile or contact details of the right person and contact them. They quickly gain confidence and then casually stutter about a good source of income. Like, I have a friend who “raises money”, can we also try? They have a lot of tricks in their arsenal to persuade a naive public to make the “right” decision.

After the client has agreed to taste the tempting offer, he is dropped the terminal we already know. Here, other employees of the company are connected to the processing of a gullible layman. With the help of promises and colorful stories, they quickly deceive the user for a deposit.

From the moment the balance is replenished, the scammers move on to the third point of their insidious plan. All their actions are aimed at extracting as much money from the victim as possible. For this, too, there are many scripts. At this stage, it is also important to understand that the F-Investors trading terminal does not have access to real markets, all operations take place exclusively within the system and are controlled by its creators. Therefore, in order to motivate additional deposits, they can safely draw a good profit to the user and even allow them to withdraw some money in order to completely dull their trust. Often, scammers even drive their victims into loans. When the crooks realize that there is no more money to shake out of their "goldfish", they either drain its balance or simply block the profile and do not get in touch. There is no trace of "true" friends and vaunted support service. Of course, other scenarios for the development of events are also possible, these comrades always have an ace up their sleeve.


F-Investors is the most common brokerage "kitchen". These guys have nothing in common with real markets and investments other than their name. The company has all the characteristic features of a scam project:

  • lack of a normal site;
  • complete anonymity;
  • lack of any official documentation and registration;
  • negative feedback.

Everything related to F-Investors, bypass the tenth road. No matter how scammers try to impose their services on you, do not believe a single word they say. They pursue only one goal - to fraudulently appropriate other people's money.

If, as a result of cooperation with F-Investors or any other black broker, you have lost money, there is still an opportunity to return it, all is not lost. Leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the review. We will send you step-by-step illustrated instructions on how to act in such situations.

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