FinanceInvest is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

FinanceInvest reviews scam

A universal platform for trading, analytics, and business is offered by another contender for being blacklisted by fraudulent brokers - FinanceInvest. Having run through the site of these comrades, we found several signs of a scam at once. We are ready to share this and some other information with you in our review.

Learn how to withdraw money

FinanceInvest: is it possible to withdraw funds from a fraudulent broker

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FinanceInvest reviews scam

Brokers cheaters FinanceInvest. Site analysis

The FinanceInvest website is designed in a clean design style, with a white background and blue buttons. This range is pleasing to the eye and has customers. However, in reality, the monitored site is a cheap landing, which we often saw as part of our reviews on The price of this masterpiece is less than 100 rubles. And, obviously, the office will collapse before it gets to the normal price tag.

FinanceInvest reviews scam
Site rating

The main and practically the only page (with the exception of the registration section) consists of the following blocks:

  • a header with a USP and a menu (about the company, our advantages, contacts, the "create an account" button;
  • call to action;
  • your profit;
  • platform benefits.

And that is all. At the end, we see information about risks, a duplicated menu, links to documents and contact details (for some reason, a picture, not text). Let's deal with all this in order.

Fraud broker FinanceInvest: licenses, registration

We remind you that the information voiced in our reviews is our personal opinion based on an analysis of information about the company that it provides itself, its customers and independent services. If you have experience in this project - share in the comments.

Those who regularly follow our reviews have long known that with information about the disclosure of risks, offices like the FinanceInvest level relieve themselves of responsibility for your losses. Such warnings are usually supplemented by several typical fraudulent documents, such as a user agreement, where scam brokers also prescribe clauses that cancel any guarantees. Therefore, when meeting with a broker, you should always pay attention to such moments.

As for the registration that our reviewers shoved into the footer in image format, this was done on purpose to make it difficult for those who care where they invest their money to verify the details.

FinanceInvest reviews scam

But we are not looking for easy ways, so we still clarified many points. For example, the fact that the address of some BITFIRE SOFTWARE LTD, which allegedly manages the site of our monitored ones, most likely represents the contacts of the developers, or hosting owners, rather than the registration data of the broker.

FinanceInvest reviews scam

We did not find these comrades not in the UK public registry, nor in the FCA licensees database.

FinanceInvest reviews scam FinanceInvest reviews scam

And, even though the FinanceInvest platform is not adapted for the Russian-speaking audience, we still checked them against the database of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation just in case. Naturally, no one will regulate anonymous ephemera.

FinanceInvest reviews scam
Registers of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation

Therefore, our traders have absolutely nothing to do in this project.

The icing on this absurd cake is the fact that the FinanceInvest broker has appeared on the market quite recently. Such a conclusion can be drawn according to the domain age check (the first screen at the beginning of the review) and the web archive, where it is clearly seen that the name has been empty for a long time.

FinanceInvest reviews scam
Web Archive

Brokers (scam) FinanceInvest. Trade offer, tariffs

FinanceInvest provides access to a platform for mobile trading, receiving trading signals and entering the financial market.

Among the advantages of the project:

  • advanced technical analysis;
  • automated trading, advisors;
  • flexible system of settings;
  • the ability to work from any device.

The organizers of FinanceInvest did not bother to provide any information about the tariffs, as well as about the company itself. Therefore, already now you can safely close the tab with their undersight and move on in search of adequate brokers.

And if the argumentation mentioned above is not enough for you, you can read what other users write about our heroes.

Real reviews about scam brokers FinanceInvest

There are quite a lot of reviews on FinanceInvest, despite their young age. However, those references that we came across have a completely negative connotation, which once again confirms our guesses about the fraudulent essence of the monitored project.

You can take a look at some of the comments we found.

FinanceInvest reviews scam

FinanceInvest reviews scam

FinanceInvest reviews scam

Is it possible to get money back from a fraudulent broker? This procedure is extremely complicated both legally and financially. Therefore, it is easier to prevent the loss of assets by reading our reviews and checking the information that companies publish. If you have been deceived by a fraudulent broker FinanceInvest, leave comments under this article. Perhaps it is your review that will save someone from losing money.

Conclusions: Fraud broker FinanceInvest, how to get back the lost money

Summing up the results of our investigation, we list the signs of a scam, which were caught by FinanceInvest fraudulent brokers:

  • a cheap one-page site, where there is almost no intelligible information about the company and its activities;
  • lack of registration, regulation;
  • lack of a license from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation;
  • short period of existence of the company;
  • negative user reviews.

We do not pretend that what is written in our reviews is perceived as the ultimate truth. But we only list the main signs that define scammers.

According to the results of our examination, withdrawal of funds from a fraudulent broker financeinvest - impossible. Therefore, we do not recommend cooperation with him.

If you don't know how to get money back from a scam broker FinanceInvest, fill out the form at the beginning of the review. We will send a step-by-step, illustrated algorithm of actions to your contact information, which will help you get a refund from a fraudulent broker.

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