JS.CFD is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

JS.CFD reviews scam

In pursuit of additional income, it seems to many that the most correct way is trading and investing. If you approach this direction of earning thoroughly and with a sober mind, then this is really a great way to increase your income. At the same time, some people think, especially if there is not much experience, that it is easy to comprehend this science, especially if there are a lot of brokers in the market. This is an erroneous judgment. Often, inexperienced investors fall into the networks of scammers. One of these is the JS.CFD scam project. Why? Now we will tell you in detail.

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JS.CFD General information

Broker's main website:


Verification by Trustorg:

JS.CFD reviews scam
Trust in the network

Site analysis

The first thing that greets us when going to the site is a bright yellow banner. It's really a good move. This color is associated with wealth, joy and generally evokes positive emotions. It makes you feel like you can do it all here. But further disappointment awaits. Firstly, this is more of a landing page than a full-fledged website. Secondly, the layout is maximally template and incredibly boring. Thirdly, the information content and fullness of the portal leaves much to be desired. In general, it is amazing that a specialized service generally estimated this site at 2 rubles.

JS.CFD reviews scam
Site rating

The portal structure includes the following sections:

  • tools;
  • trading conditions;
  • analytics;
  • contacts;
  • the documents.

The site is available in English and Russian. The texts on the latter were clearly worked out, because. no sign of google translator found. On the one hand, this is a plus, but on the other hand, it does not correct the negative impression. On the main page, you can find information about trading in general and why choose JS.CFD. It is clear that all the information about the office is a set of standard marketing phrases that do not make much sense.

In the basement of the Internet resource, there is a big opus that these guys do not bear any responsibility for your actions and loss of money. Nothing new, all scam projects point it out. This site can be closed, but we will go further.

Expertise of legal information, JS.CFD licenses

Like most of the fraudulent projects considered on binarybets.ru, there are no authentic legal documents published on the site. It is more precisely stated that all certificates from regulators and licenses of registering companies are available in your personal account after registration. This is highly doubtful. Such information, even if it is a frank fake, is better to publish openly. There will be a little more trust, because not everyone will immediately go to check their authenticity. But there is nothing like that here, so our trust tends to negative values. To completely dispel doubts about the honesty of these guys, let's just say that the Central Bank of Russia has entered JS.CFD into the list of illegal financial market organizations.

JS.CFD reviews scam
Registers of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation

Often, pseudo-brokers do not bother much and simply post standard “documents” in the form of a risk warning, user agreement, privacy policy, and so on. Not without these files and on the site of our handsome. There are quite a lot of words in each of them, but the essence is the same - the company reserves the right to do what it sees fit and is not responsible for the actions of the client.

It is not possible to check the site using the corresponding services - it gives an error. It is quite possible that this is due to the fact that it is not so easy to access this Internet resource. Apparently, due to being included in the list of illegal offices, Roskomnadzor blocked access to the site and you can only get through VPN.

JS.CFD reviews scam

Surprisingly, JS.CFD did their best and found the address, phone number, email, and even backed up the feedback form. Although here it was not without a fiasco, because. the specified number does not exist.

JS.CFD reviews scam
Phone check

Features of the JS.CFD company. Tools and conditions for traders

JS.CFD does not charge any additional interest for depositing funds into a trading account. There are 3 ways to transfer personal funds to an account on the site: using a credit or debit card, cryptocurrency, bank transfer.

On the JS platform, 5 types of trading accounts are available to clients. Depending on the type of the selected trading account, the trader receives a number of advantages and unique trading conditions: Basic, Silver,

Gold, Platinum, VIP. The minimum deposit amount varies from 250 to 100 thousand dollars. Starting with an account type called "Silver", a bonus capital awaits the client. It is a deposit bonus and is accrued as a percentage of the deposit amount when the client chooses the type of trading account. It can be used as collateral for transactions.

The office also offers its clients a referral program, which can be of two types. When attracting a new client to the JS platform, from 4% to 7% is accrued from profit in the future, or a one-time cash reward is accrued.

This office also has a special VIP Club, designed for active and successful traders. Membership in this closed community allows you to enjoy some benefits, including an expanded bonus system, a reduced commission rate, etc.

Real JS.CFD customer reviews

There are no reviews on this pseudo-broker from the word “completely” in the network. Therefore, if you are faced with a scam by an unscrupulous JS.CFD broker, leave a comment under this article. Thanks to this, brokers will be able to save their funds.

JS.CFD User Fraud Scheme

Since there is very little information on the network on this black broker, and there are also no reviews, it is difficult to say for sure how JS.CFD deceives clients. The first thing that catches your eye is that they are clearly focused on inexperienced users, promising pleasant conditions and bonuses. The second is a referral program that motivates you to invite as many users as possible using the generated link, which also contributes to greater coverage. It cannot be ruled out that there are special people who simply call people and try to “process” and lure them onto the platform. After they succeed, they don’t really tense up and, after receiving the money, they clearly drain customers under various pretexts.


JS.CFD is an ordinary scam project, and it was made just in haste for the sake of quick earnings on beginners in trading. Bright design, beautiful marketing words and promises of high income are supposed to affect people, but still do not inspire much confidence. The absence of any adequate documents confirming the right to financial activities, and the presence in the list of unscrupulous companies of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation only push to close this site as soon as possible.

If you are caught in the network of a black JS.CFD broker, be sure to leave your e-mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send detailed instructions to help you recover your lost money.

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