Startup-Invest is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

Startup-Invest reviews scam
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In this review, we will talk about an interesting investment project Startup-Invest. A close-knit team of managers, analysts and lawyers with rich experience works according to clear algorithms and well-thought-out strategies, increasing the funds of investors. The organization calls trust and responsibility its key values. Today we will find out whether all these statements are just another tempting fairy tale or real facts.

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Startup Invest. General information

Broker's main website:

Trustorg rating:

Startup-Invest reviews scam
Trust in the network

Site analysis

To be honest, the Startup-Invest website does not inspire the promised trust in any place. Before us is another example of a disregard for their customers and the lack of long-term prospects for the project. The site has a template and primitive external design. A technical analysis of the web resource showed that its owners use special software to hide their contact details. The pages of the platform are poorly indexed by search engines, and there is no question of any optimization.

Taking into account all the facts presented, there is nothing surprising in the fact that a specialized service estimated the monitored site at only 373 rubles. After all, all "responsible" investment companies invest in the platforms on which all their work is built, several hundred each. That's right, why spend money when they give you money anyway.

Startup-Invest reviews scam
Site rating

As for the information presented on the site, it, like all similar offices, is of an extremely general nature. There is practically no data revealing the financial side of the organization. On the other hand, tales of IT start-ups, modern technologies, the best solutions and huge incomes are “rubbed” to clients at every sludge.

Expertise of legal information, Startup-Invest licenses

Let's start our analysis by finding out the real age of the project. Whois check showed that the Startup-Invest website was created on 01/31/2022. A slightly different date is indicated on the site - January 24th. A week difference is not critical. The question is how a company that has not existed for two months and about which there is almost no information on the Internet tells customers about rich experience. Also on the web resource of these comrades, very impressive statistics are given, according to which over 18 thousand investors are registered on the project, and the volume of their investments exceeded 250 million rubles. In such a short time, and even without outside support, this is an impossible result. Startup-Invest gives false statistics to give itself more weight.

Startup-Invest reviews scam
Domain age

Also, the Whois service allowed us to find out some interesting facts about the IP address on which the hero of our review is registered. Not only is it located on the territory of Belize, a well-known offshore zone, it also hosts several sensational "scam projects" that were successfully closed. They were probably created by the same scammers. This is a fairly common practice. On our site you can find descriptions of entire fraudulent clans.

Startup-Invest reviews scam

The contact details of the organization have a rather interesting look. Users are provided with addresses of 4 company branches located in Turkey, Scotland, Britain and Russia. Each branch has its own e-mail. Phone numbers or a banal feedback form are not provided. Checking the addresses showed that they are either made up or lead to places that have nothing to do with Startup-Invest.

Startup-Invest reviews scam
Google Maps

On the website of the monitored office, a whole section is allocated for legal documentation. We are provided with:

  • certificate of state registration of the Russian Federation;
  • license to carry out investment fund management activities in the Russian Federation;
  • certificate of registration in the UK.

It is not clear how a project operating in the EU came to Russia, especially given the political situation. But that's okay, our business is simple - to check the legitimacy of the papers. First, let's look at the registers of the Central Bank. As we can see, not a single organization is registered under the specified OGRN and TIN.

Startup-Invest reviews scam

Startup-Invest reviews scam

In the tax office, too, no one had heard of these comrades. We are provided with some obscure pieces of paper, most likely drawn in Photoshop. And forgery of documents is a serious crime.

Startup-Invest reviews scam

As for registration in the United Kingdom, here they also want to deceive us. A company with a similar name is indeed registered at the specified number. But when it comes to financial regulation, it is unacceptable to deviate in the name even by a hyphen. In addition, these two organizations have different dates of creation and legal addresses.

Startup-Invest reviews scam

Features of the company Startup-Invest. Tools and conditions for traders

Startup-Invest offer a standard cooperation scheme for investment projects: the investor invests, the company's employees multiply them and return part of the profit to the investor.

The minimum deposit starts from 100 rubles, the maximum is limited to 1 million. Yield varies from 200 to 760 percent. Accruals are carried out every 8 minutes. The term of the deposit is from 24 to 72 hours. Payouts are automatic.

Startup-Invest reviews scam

First of all, you need to understand that these are simply super-beneficial conditions for the client and unprofitable even for the largest financial organization. Why don't these comrades themselves invest in their project and reinvest the proceeds? Because all this is the usual "lure" for naive inhabitants.

Startup-Invest also offers all users to participate in a "profitable" referral system. It consists of three large classes, which in turn are divided into sublevels. To get a higher status, it is necessary that the amount of investment of referrals reaches a certain value. With the help of a referral, scammers want to ensure a constant influx of customers, but no one promises that "scammers" will not be thrown either.

Startup-Invest reviews scam

Real customer reviews Startup-Invest

The project was created quite recently, so reviews about it are just beginning to appear. But they are already quite enough to determine the brightly negative mood of the clients of this office. Users talk about blocked accounts and in every possible way indicate the fraudulent tendencies of the organization.

Startup-Invest reviews scam

If swindlers from Startup-Invest threw you for money, tell us about it at the end of the article. You will help others not to fall for the deception of scammers.

Startup-Invest User Fraud Scheme

We hope that it has already become clear to everyone that Startup-Invest is an ordinary investment "scam". All these guys work on one simple algorithm.

  1. Advertising and creating the image of a successful organization.
  2. Lure users with flashy promises and huge revenues.
  3. Lure the maximum amount of money from the victim.
  4. No payments. They can block the account, citing violations, or simply no one will respond to applications.

The outcome is always the same. The client, after a long wait according to the investment plan, will neither see the promised dividends nor his deposit.


Startup-Invest is a "hype project" that will soon burst. You should not chase after a momentary "freebie" on the Internet, especially when it comes to investments. No real company will offer you earnings in 8 minutes after the deposit. It's impossible. Only the creators of financial pyramids can promise this. Also, do not forget to take into account the lack of any adequate documentation, registration, the presence of negative reviews, the poor quality of the web resource, etc. Everything immediately falls into place.

If, as a result of cooperation with Startup-Invest or any other investment "scam", you have lost money, there is still an opportunity to return it, not everything is lost. Leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the review. We will send you step-by-step illustrated instructions on how to act in such situations.

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