TransPlace is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

TransPlace positions itself as a broker specializing in investments in cargo transportation. The creators claim that thanks to the constant attraction of investors, it is possible to cover more and more customers and create new routes. At the same time, the more investments are attracted, the more profit this logistics office receives. Interesting connection, don't you think? Let's take a closer look at whether to trust TransPlace.

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TransPlace General Information

Broker's main website:

Verification by Trustorg:

Site analysis

This is not to say that the site looks very bad. In general, he is quite attractive. There is even a video on the main page on the substrate, although its quality is very doubtful. A specialized service estimated the cost of the portal at 68 rubles. and it is well deserved. Despite the fact that the guys obviously used a website builder and some kind of template, it creates a good impression. At the same time, if we evaluate objectively, then for a large international logistics company the cost of the site is too low.

The Internet resource consists of the following sections:

  • home;
  • about Us;
  • logistics;
  • contacts.

The big caveat of this site is that there isn't a lot of information here: just a few sections and not much text overall. Of course, it does not carry an impressive meaning, some specifics, too, and even partially duplicated, but still it is not enough. Curiously, in the "About Us" section, along with large foreign networks, TransPlace indicated that it was working with the Russian hardware store Svyaznoy. The question arises: why this particular network?

The site is entirely in Russian. On the Main page you can find some information about the company, the benefits of working with it, statistics and conditions. To sum up, the site is nothing more than a set of clichés like most of the scam projects reviewed on

Expertise of legal information, TransPlace licenses

Not surprisingly, there are no legal documents on the scammer's site at all. There are no certificates from regulators and certificates of registration companies. There is not even information about whether this office can carry out activities in the field of cargo transportation, not to mention financial activities. Yes, these guys nevertheless indicated that they were registered in Hong Kong and even indicated the number of the corresponding document, but after performing a couple of easy steps, they managed to find out that this was false information. The Hong Kong ICRIS registrar is not aware that TransPlace Logistics Limited exists under company number 475430.

Another interesting point that characterizes this office as a scam project is that data on TransPlace could not be found on the official website of the Central Bank of Russia. Accordingly, it does not have the right to carry out financial activities on the territory of the Russian Federation.

It is also interesting that usually on the site of scam brokers you can find a set of template documents in the form of agreements, risk warnings, etc. But even this is not published here. Apparently, the portal was made so quickly that the creators did not even think about such a thing.

In the piggy bank of TransPlace bad faith, you can throw in the information that was found during the site check. It turned out that the company registered the domain at the end of 2021. So all the nice words about the creation of the company in 2016 and $ 5 million in capital can be forgotten.

The contact information is presented in full, here's just an interesting detail: the headquarters is in China, and the phone number is a Russian operator. It seems not such a noticeable detail, but very significant.

Features of the work of the company TransPlace. Tools and conditions for traders

Based on the information on the site, TransPlace was created in 2016. The creator of this fraudulent project is a former individual entrepreneur Sergey Viktorovich Bulynin, who managed to found Trans Place Logistics Limited with an authorized capital of $5 million (where such a huge amount comes from is a big question). Since 2014, the office has been actively attracting investments for the development of the project. This allows you to expand, attract more customers and, accordingly, money.

The main goal of the work is to be a "reliable" supplier and partner for investors. Now TransPlace has 8 assets (ships, terminals, transport), 12 million dollars of investments and a staff of 200 people.

There are not so many conditions that a logistics company offers. The most attractive thing is that customers make a profit of 80%, and the company itself only 35%. Thus, the parameters of the lots are distributed fairly between the participants and TransPlace, and in order to avoid a conflict of interest, the office invests its own funds.

Real customer reviews of TransPlace

There are not so many negative reviews on this pseudo-broker in the network, but they are. The deceived clients unanimously agree: it is not worth investing money, TransPlace is deceiving and does not allow you to earn money, but simply return the invested funds.

If you are hooked by black broker TransPlace, leave a comment below this article. This will help other interested investors save their funds.

TransPlace user fraud scheme

If you simply enter a phone number in a search engine, you will find that calls are made from the number indicated on the site with an offer of financial services. That is, the scammers took the simplest path - calling people. Fraudsters get in touch and do their best to lure people into their networks. When they succeed, they promise big profits and most likely in the shortest possible time. At the same time, of course, no one is going to increase the attracted capital of clients. With a high probability, scammers go into the sunset, and it is clearly impossible to reach them in the hope of simply returning their funds.


Another fraudulent TransPlace project, which describes everything very neatly on the screen of a digital medium, but not in real life. These guys are fooling people with classic marketing clichés. In fact, this office does not have licenses for the right to carry out financial activities or simply a certificate of registration of a legal entity. In addition, the site indicates that the company has been operating since 2016, but in fact the domain was registered only in December last year. Negative reviews and the lack of specific information about routes, departure points and employees can be safely thrown into the treasury of dishonesty of this project. As a result, investors will not see any dividends or invested money.

If you fell for the tricks of TransPlace scammers, leave your email at the beginning of the article. We will send a step-by-step action plan to return the lost money.

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