UTM Limited is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

UTM Limited reviews scam
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Another “super-company” has come to our review. UTM Limited appears to be an international leading broker. The creators of the platform talk about favorable working conditions, professional support and high-quality analytics. The organization, as it were, serves thousands of customers around the world and guarantees complete security of personal data. Well, honest projects do not get into our reviews, let's figure it out.

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UTM limited. General information

Broker's main website:


Whois score:

UTM Limited reviews scam
Domain age

Site analysis

The official web resource of UTM Limited is a typical cheap template. Primitive design, colorful promises and lack of specifics demonstrate the true intentions of the authors of this miserable platform. Rogues often use these disposable pacifiers to attract a gullible public en masse. On our site binarybets.ru you can find descriptions of dozens of identical platforms. A specialized service estimated the web resource at only 21 rubles. A penny site a priori cannot be the "face" of a serious organization.

UTM Limited reviews scam
Site rating

The UTM Limited website is focused exclusively on beginners. Its content has all the characteristics characteristic of "scammers". The main page immediately greets users with stories about non-existent advantages, sky-high statistics and the most general statements about the high reliability of the company. All customer care ends in words.

Expertise of legal information, licenses UTM Limited

UTM Limited has a very interesting legend: 5 years on the market, almost half a million active accounts, transaction volume of 8 trillion dollars. Checking the service by Whois (screenshot at the beginning of the review) immediately smashes all these stories to smithereens. The project was created on 09/29/2021, its real age is only 5 months. A classic fraudulent ploy to give the firm more weight.

The broker's contact details are presented in a standard set: an incomprehensible phone number, an email that no one will answer, and where without a feedback form for collecting personal information from clients. There is also a legal address of the organization. Attempts to check it on Google maps led us to one of the London crossroads. The swindlers indicated the data, as they say, from the bulldozer.

UTM Limited reviews scam
Address verification

All legal information provided by UTM Limited is limited to project registration in the UK. There is even a company number in state registers. It wasn't hard for us to check it out. And you know what, a company with that name really exists, but it has nothing to do with our hero. They differ in the age of creation, and the address, and many other data. Internet scammers often take the names of existing organizations.

UTM Limited reviews scam

Since our friends, it is not clear how, provide their services on the territory of Russia, they must be listed in the registers of the Central Bank. Without his permission, any financial activity on the territory of the Russian Federation is illegal. It is clear that the broker does not have any official registration.

UTM Limited reviews scam
Registers of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation

UTM Limited is not listed in the registers of the Central Bank, but the site of these comrades is on the black lists of Roskomnadzor. They are already actively interested in the Prosecutor General's Office.

UTM Limited reviews scam

Features of the work of the company UTM Limited. Tools and conditions for traders

The company's entire website is filled with stories about exceptional benefits. The list of declared advantages includes the following qualities of a broker:

  • use of new ideas and technologies;
  • providing personal support;
  • instant market execution;
  • the ability to use high-quality analytics;
  • work with simple and clear software.

Clients, according to the classics for such projects, are offered several types of trading accounts. Opening a demo account is not provided.

UTM Limited reviews scam

As for the trading platform, the company offers some "exclusive terminal", but does not indicate its name. Clients are promised access to hundreds of assets (it is worth noting here that their list is not mentioned on the broker’s website), trading tools, indicators and other functions that allegedly create the most optimal conditions for trading.

Information about available payment methods is only in the basement of the official website. You can see logos of supported systems.

UTM Limited reviews scam

Real customer reviews UTM Limited

For 5 months of work - a fairly long period of existence for such a low-quality "scam", UTM Limited managed to deceive quite a lot of users. This is evidenced by numerous reviews on various sites. All comments are predominantly negative. The clients of this sharashka office tell how swindlers lure the maximum amount of money out of them by various manipulations and quickly stop communicating.

UTM Limited reviews scam

If scammers from UTM Limited scammed you for money, tell us about it at the end of the article. You will help others not to fall for the deception of scammers.

UTM Limited user deception scheme

We are dealing with the most common “lohobroker” that works according to a scheme proven by many scammers. Swindlers breed a naive public according to a well-established algorithm.

  1. Active advertising in social networks, forums, groups, search engines, calling customers on leaked databases.
  2. Luring users with loud promises and favorable conditions.
  3. Pseudotrade. The rogue trading terminal is completely fictitious, it has no access to real markets and is completely controlled by its creators.
  4. Squeezing money. Fraudsters often use various tricks to lure more money from users, they can draw a good profit, motivate replenishment with bonuses, ask for payment of commissions for withdrawing funds.
  5. Balance drain and complete ignore. There may be several scenarios here. Client funds can quickly disappear due to incorrectly executed transactions that are under the control of UTM Limited managers. These comrades can even simply block the account, citing fictitious errors. There are many options, but they have one result - a complete disregard for any appeals and requests.

The scheme is extremely simple, but most importantly - profitable and working.


We hope that by the end of the review, no one has any doubts that UTM Limited is a cheap "scam". The organization has all the signs of a scam project:

  • low quality website
  • fictitious promises;
  • lack of specific information;
  • non-existent documentation and registration;
  • negative feedback.

Law enforcement agencies have already paid attention to the activities of fraudsters, so the closure of our "super-broker" is only a matter of time.

If, as a result of cooperation with UTM Limited or any other black broker, you have lost money, there is still an opportunity to return it, all is not lost. Leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the review. We will send you step-by-step illustrated instructions on how to act in such situations.

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