Vantage is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

Vantage reviews scam

The hero of our next review was the Vantage platform. The company claims to be an award-winning broker with over 10 years of market experience, providing services in 172 countries. The organization has more than 1000 employees in 30 offices around the world and is ready to support all traders in their trading experience. It is impossible to trust such serious statements without verification. So today we will analyze in detail the activities of the presented project and at the end we will draw the appropriate conclusions.

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vantage. General information

Broker's main website:

Whois score:

Vantage reviews scam

Site analysis

The official website of our “best forex broker” does not fit in well with the image of a reputable financial company with 10 years of experience. In fact, we have another dummy with an elaborate design and mediocre design. The site is filled with a mass of bright pictures to divert the attention of users from more pressing issues. A specialized service estimated the efforts of the owners of the presented web resource at a little more than 1000 rubles. Of course, this is the kind of money that serious financial organizations spend on the portal, which in the future will be their official face.

Vantage reviews scam
Site rating

The platform operates exclusively in English. At the same time, these comrades position themselves as an international platform that literally provides services around the world. Typically, such services are adapted for at least a few of the most common languages. It does not match.

The informational component of the site is mainly represented by the most general facts about trading in the financial markets and the broker's annoying stories about his experience, reliability, etc. The really important information about the terms of service is passed here very superficially, clearly leaving a lot of facts in the shadows.

Expertise of legal information, Vantage licenses

On the Vantage website, information pops up several times that the broker has been providing its services for more than 10 years. Let's check how this statement correlates with the real course of affairs. According to Whois (screenshot at the beginning of the review), the first time the domain name of the web resource of our new friends was registered in 2017, and the last major update took place in March of this year. Whatever one may say, 10 years is not enough here. In our reviews on, we constantly come across the fact that unscrupulous intermediaries significantly exaggerate their experience in order to look more respectable in the eyes of customers.

Vantage is allegedly registered in the UK and licensed by the well-known financial regulator FCA. First, let's take a look at the commercial registers of the United Kingdom. They are open to everyone, so there will be no problems accessing them. An organization with such a name as Vantage Global Prime LLP (documentary name) is indeed listed in the British registers. But this company was created in 2012, and our friends, at best, were born in 2017. Most likely, the scammers simply used other people's documents and adjusted their legend for them.

Vantage reviews scam

As for the FCA license, it is. But it belongs to the same company that is registered in the commercial registers. As we found out, the project under consideration has nothing to do with that organization. We think comments are unnecessary here.

Vantage reviews scam

Even if the FCA license were real, it does not give the broker the ability to trade in "more than 170 countries." For example, in Russia, no financial platform has the right to offer its services without the permission of the Central Bank. Of course, Vantage is not listed in the registers of the main domestic regulator. Draw your own conclusions.

Vantage reviews scam
Registers of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation

Features of the work of the company Vantage. Tools and conditions for traders

The broker provides its clients with access to all highly liquid assets: forex;

indices, energy resources, precious metals, CDFs for stocks around the world. Depending on qualifications, a trader can choose one of 3 types of trading accounts on the platform.

  1. standard. The Standard STP Account is perfect for beginner traders who want easy direct market access without fees. The minimum deposit is 200 pounds sterling.
  2. Raw. RAW ECN is designed for experienced clients who require deep liquidity and tight spreads. Entrance capital 500 pounds sterling.
  3. professional. Professional accounts reserved for selected professional traders only. Investments from 500 pounds sterling.

Vantage reviews scam

All operations are carried out on the Meta Trader5 trading terminal. The platform provides the opportunity to use a demo account. All users can easily use free tools (economic calendar, forex calculator, market sentiment indicators, etc.).

Vantage actively promotes partnerships, in which the user must act as a representative of the broker and advertise it in any possible way. It is said that bonuses are provided for such activities, however, which ones are not indicated.

Real customer reviews Vantage

Feedback on the activities of Vantage can be found both on Russian-speaking and foreign sites. Both there and there, ex-customers of the broker accuse him of misconduct and stealing their money. Users focused on frequent terminal failures and low-quality service.

Vantage reviews scam

If you have become victims of Vantage scams, leave comments below this article. Perhaps it is your review that will save someone from losing money.

Vantage user fraud scheme

Like most of their peers, the crooks from Vantage build their fraudulent schemes on their terminal. In fact, their trading service has nothing to do with real markets. According to the best traditions of "forex kitchens", all transactions are cooked inside it. In addition, the technical component of the terminal is under the full control of its owners. All operations and transactions are carried out according to strictly prescribed commands.

Scammers often draw good profits for new clients at the initial stages. After several successful transactions, "caring" managers immediately begin to campaign for additional investments. If a naive trader is being traded, even more money is pumped out of him, if not, then with any attempts to withdraw income, his funds are simply frozen, and applications are not processed. The technical support service will either say that the client has violated something, or will not get in touch at all.


Almost all signs of the functioning of Vantage indicate that we are dealing with another "scam":

  • template site;
  • minimum specific information;
  • fake achievements;
  • using someone else's legal framework;
  • negative feedback.

If you do not need headaches and value your money, bypass any interaction with the considered project by the tenth road.

If you are a victim of Vantage or other black brokers and want to get your investment back, leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to take.

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