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VoyaFX reviews scam
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Today we will talk about the VoyaFX investment project, which offers traders around the world to start earning big money with minimal effort. For beginners in the financial markets, the company provides training materials. Advanced users - a variety of trading and analytical tools. An accessible and understandable interface, comprehensive support, safe transactions are just a small part of what the office offers to its users. It remains only to check how all this beauty is true.

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VoyaFX. General information

Main site:


Whois score:

VoyaFX reviews scam
Domain age

Site analysis

The website of the VoyaFX project has a mediocre design and structure, although it looks decent at first glance. At the same time, resource pages are poorly ranked by search networks, have non-unique content, which means that the cost of such a site is minimal.

VoyaFX reviews scam
Site rating

A cheap, uninformative site is the first thing that should alert a potential client. After all, decent offices invest a lot of money in filling and promoting their Internet resources.

The main page is divided into the following blocks:

  • menu bar (about the company, trading instruments, account types, login/registration buttons);
  • a picture with a call to start trading easily and safely;
  • main advantages of the office;
  • another call to become a modern investor, indicating the next benefits;
  • and again a huge block with water about the benefits that you will receive by working on the project;
  • presentation of the adaptability of the platform with buttons for downloading software to mobile or desktop devices;
  • Getting Started Guide;
  • logos of payment systems through which you can deposit money on the platform and withdraw money.

The footer duplicates the menu, provides contact information, links to documents. We will return to this a little later.

Also, the site has a function of translating pages into Russian. But it is made extremely crookedly. In addition, many sections and blocks are still displayed in English, which once again indicates meager investments in the development of the site.

Expertise of legal information, VoyaFX licenses

As we said, VoyaFX publishes information on its website that it is a subsidiary of some FH Ever AD and Global Clearing. There is also a large amount of contact information and an even larger list of financial regulators with which the broker cooperates.

VoyaFX reviews scam

However, all this is only part of the legend. Yes, according to the indicated number in the state register of Bulgaria there is indeed a record of a registered company with a similar name. But they have nothing to do with brokerage activities, as well as with our monitored ones. The real FH Ever office specializes in investments for its own funds and simply legalizes its income without hiding from the state. While VoyaFX simply pulled their data from an open database in order to give credibility to their scam.

VoyaFX reviews scam
Registers of Bulgaria

At the specified registration address in Google maps, we found a men's clothing store. And this once again confirms the fact that the VoyaFX office is fake.

VoyaFX reviews scam
Address verification

But even if we assume that our friends simply forgot to enter their coordinates into the search engine, they still do not have the right to work with investors from the Russian Federation and the CIS. Indeed, for this you need to obtain a license from the Russian financial regulator, which VoyaFX did not have.

VoyaFX reviews scam
Registers of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation

By the way, we also checked the availability of at least one license from the regulators mentioned on the VoyaFX page by randomly choosing the financial commission of Cyprus. The result was quite predictable. Therefore, we can conclude that all the instructions of authoritative regulators are just words.

VoyaFX reviews scam

But the rogues worked hard on the section with documents, which, by the way, despite the adaptability of the project for Russian-speaking users, is posted only in English. When trying to select a Russian translation to display this section, we are redirected to the main one.

VoyaFX reviews scam
The documents

But we got a little confused and translated some theses, finding out what our friends were hiding behind overseas letters. The fact is that the user agreement contains fraudulent clauses that completely relieve the broker of responsibility for your money. You will not receive compensation either in case of technical failures on the site, or when giving false quotes, or even if the office simply decides to terminate all relations with you.

VoyaFX reviews scam VoyaFX reviews scam

VoyaFX reviews scam

Well, the last thing is the age of the project. Although we did not find any indication of experience on the VoyaFX website, as is the case with many other scammers, in the “about the company” section they try in every possible way to impersonate an authoritative team. At the same time, the real age of the project is a couple of months. The creation date of the domain name for VoyaFX can be seen in the very first screenshot of this review.

Features of VoyaFX. Tools and conditions for traders

According to legend, VoyaFX is an easy-to-use platform for trading the financial markets online. The office provides its clients with the following benefits:

  • security - a set of measures to ensure cybersecurity, save funds and confidentiality of clients' personal information;
  • easy to use - easy access to the markets from any device, effective tools for traders of any skill level;
  • individual approach, 24/5 support;
  • education - courses for beginners that will help you become financially literate traders;
  • best trading conditions, fast order execution, fair prices;
  • a large selection of assets in which you can invest.

To get started, you need to register, upload documents to confirm your account and replenish your account for any amount, according to tariff plans.

VoyaFX has developed three deposit packages, each of which complements the previous one. To start, it is enough to invest $500 in the project. To get the maximum opportunities, you will need an investment of 25,000 USD.

VoyaFX reviews scam

All this, of course, is wonderful, but we hope we have already convinced you that everything said on the pages of VoyaFX, from the user agreement to the benefits and tariff plans, is a simple ploy to lure money out.

Real customer reviews VoyaFX

We were unable to find real reviews from VoyaFX clients, which once again indicates the low rating of this project and the lack of experience of its creators. But every adequate trader knows that cooperation with brokers that have been on the market for less than a year increases the risks of draining their money at times.

If you have been fooled by scammers from VoyaFX, share your story under this article. Perhaps it is your review that will save someone from losing money.

VoyaFX User Fraud Scheme

Despite all the benefits that the VoyaFX client should receive, the real state of affairs looks very sad. All promises, beautiful phrases, effective solutions are simple marketing tricks designed to lull the vigilance of a potential victim. None of the proposed conditions are actually implemented, because in order to transfer all these fictions into reality, the company must have permission to operate.

As soon as you invest your hard-earned money in the project, all the benefits and buns will burst like a soap bubble, and you will be left alone with losses, debts and disappointment. Suddenly popping up fines and commissions, ignorance from technical support, and a complete lack of responsibility before the law - this is a real prospect of interacting with such companies.


The VoyaFX website contains the following signs of a scam:

  • a primitive, uninformative site with a huge amount of water and a minimum of specific, useful information;
  • use of other people's registration data, fake information about licenses received;
  • lack of a license from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, mentions in the network;
  • typical fraudulent documents.

There is only one conclusion here. We think you guessed that it will not be in favor of the next fake broker VoyaFX. So, do not fall for their empty promises, because they are given for only one purpose - to empty your wallet.

If you have become a victim of VoyaFX or other black brokers and want to get your hard-earned money back, leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to take.

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