Xanoxe is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

Xanoxe reviews scam

Xanoxe is another completely anonymous platform that flies into our black list of fraudulent brokers with courier speed. Xanoxe does not advertise its basic characteristics and offers its customers one registration form instead of a normal site. Add to these facts negative reviews and revealing reviews, and we get a picture of a classic "scam".

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Xanoxe: is it possible to withdraw funds from a scam broker

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Xanoxe reviews scam
Trust in the network

Brokers Xanoxe scammers. Site analysis

The official Xanoxe website does not provide users with any information about the company's activities. All we can observe is one registration form. Perhaps after registration, you can find out more information about our new friends, but for this you need a special promotional code. Apparently, you can get it only from the curators of the project. This is how swindlers let only “selected” clients through, who go through the initial brainwashing. Also, such manipulations allow presenting the broker's offers as exclusive, minimizing the number of negative reviews and attracting less attention from supervisory authorities.

Xanoxe reviews scam
Site rating

The owners of such an outstanding site do not spend money on its creation and maintenance. It will not be difficult for them to quickly close the platform as soon as it earns a bad name on the network and ceases to generate income. After that, you can simply change the name and logo and start the "scam" on a new one. In other matters, our new friends act a little differently. The brokerage service we were considering seemed very familiar to us. Not so long ago, in one of our reviews on binarybets.ru, we described an identical project - xavie.live (it is still working). They are just two twin brothers with slightly different names. Fraudsters rivet the same sites in order to deceive more users.

Fraud broker Xanoxe: licenses, registration

Find out the real age of the survey site. The Whois service will help us with this. According to the data received, the project began to function on 02/05/2022, only six months ago. No serious trader would trust their money to a broker with less than a year of experience.

Xanoxe reviews scam
Domain age

There is absolutely no information on the Xanoxe website about the offers and details of the reseller's work. However, having opened the registration window, at the bottom we can see a line in which we are asked to agree to the terms of the user agreement. By clicking on the clickable icon, some information can still be obtained.

Xanoxe reviews scam

After analyzing the user agreement, we can immediately say that it is clearly fraudulent in nature. Traders are offered simply terrible conditions for cooperation: huge deposits, bonuses that will have to be worked out, fairly large commissions, and high account maintenance fees. Moreover, these comrades directly say that they do not bear any responsibility for any losses and fraud on their part.

Xanoxe reviews scam

Xanoxe does not publish any licenses or permissions to conduct brokerage activities. Since our broker is actively promoting its services in Russia, it will not be superfluous to find out what the Central Bank thinks about this. The main domestic regulator, following numerous complaints, blacklisted these charlatans, branding them "an illegal participant in the securities market."

Xanoxe reviews scam
Registers of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (black list)

Brokers (scam) Xanoxe. Legend

Broker Xanoxe offers three trading accounts with different levels of investment.

  1. Standard rate: deposit up to €10,000, regular level of customer service without additional options.
  2. VIP tariff: deposit varies from €10,000 to €50,000, improved conditions for commissions and additional fees.
  3. Premium Rate: Strictly over €50,000 deposit, lowest commissions and maximum position opening limits.

Xanoxe reviews scam

None of the accounts provides for the presence of a real manager. That is, how the broker is going to work with newcomers is not very clear.

There are commissions here. Depending on the tariff plan, it can range from €0 to €90. Customer lending interest is also determined by the type of account and can vary between 6-24%. To pay off credit debt, the broker allocates 7 calendar days to traders.

Also, users can receive a bonus on their deposit, which subsequently needs to be traded 40 times to be able to withdraw.

Xanoxe Fraud Broker Reviews

Our new friends have already acquired not the best reputation on the Internet. Finding reviews of Xanoxe is not difficult. At the same time, during the analysis, we did not find a single positive comment. All ex-customers of the company convict the broker of fraud, telling similar stories of fraud.

Xanoxe reviews scam

Is it possible to get money back from a fraudulent broker? It is easier to prevent their loss by reading our reviews and checking the information that scammers post. If you have been deceived by a scam broker Xanoxe, leave comments below this article. Perhaps it is your review that will save someone from losing money.

Scam Brokers: How Xanoxe Works

In general, the Xanoxe deception scheme is not much different from hundreds of other similar “scams”. Fraudsters publish various ads with offers of super-profitable work, launch promotions, and find naive onlookers on dating sites. Interested in offers of high income, users contact the company's employees using contact information. After some communication and “processing”, they are given the necessary promotional code and sent to the site we have reviewed.

After replenishing the deposit, the history of the victim can develop according to different scenarios. The trading terminal of these comrades, on which all manipulations are carried out, is an ordinary simulator. Every action in it is under the full control of its owners. So crooks will easily drain the deposit or draw a profit to lure out even more investments.

Another way to cheat traders is the welcome bonus. The user agreement says that in order to withdraw it, you need to scroll the equivalent amount in trading operations 40 times. During this time, scammers will raze the naive onlooker to the very cowards.

There are a whole bunch of scammers like this. Most importantly, all Xanoxe-related stories have the same ending - lost money and time.

Results: Xanoxe scam broker how to get back lost money

Xanoxe is a "pseudo-broker" you should stay away from. Despite the recent start of the project, he is already stealing money from his clients at full speed, as indicated by numerous complaints and reviews on the Internet. These crooks have neither a normal website nor any legal basis for providing brokerage services. Withdrawal of funds from a fraudulent broker Xanoxe - Impossible.

If you have become a victim of Xanoxe and don't know how to get your money back from a fraudulent broker, leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to help you get a refund from a fraudulent broker.

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