Strategy for 15 minutes! Super accurate indicator!

High precision indicator for forex and binary options

Strategy for 15 minutes with the ultra-accurate TrendWave indicator for binary options - try it now and earn up to 90% in profit!

An indicator is used to enter, which shows small corrective rollbacks, but for binary options this is enough!

  • The indicator is built using a complex calculation algorithm, which makes trading efficient!

What is the strategy and how does it work?

The bottom line is that there is always a rollback at the moment when the line begins to touch the levels (indicated by dotted lines).

Then comes the appearance of a signal point, which serves as a confirmation of the signal for a rollback.

15 minute strategy entry rules

  • The green line shows fast movement, the red line shows slow movement.

Trading rules

As soon as both lines go beyond one of the dotted lines and a signal point appears - when the candle closes, you need to buy an option.

If the lines are at the top and a yellow dot appears, then we buy an OPTION DOWN, if the indicator is below, then an OPTION UP.

If the indicators are below and a sea-colored dot appears, then take OPTION UP.

The expiration time was found to be optimal and is 2 candles.

As for the working timeframe, as it turned out, the indicator shows the best signals on a 15-minute chart.

It is better to use the strategy at a time of low volatility in the market, so that there are no very important economic news.

You can follow the news on the economic calendar.

Strategy signals using this ultra-precise indicator appear quite rarely, for this you can even connect in its settings sound alertto enter the trade at the right moment.

You can test on all major pairs, except for cross pairs.

Trading recommendations

Working timeframe: M15;

Expiration: 2 candles;

Trading pairs: all major pairs;

Time to trade: except for the release of important news;

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Template + indicators

To download a high-precision indicator for 15 minutes for free, you need to leave some comment on this article, immediately after that a link for downloading files will appear here.


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