FinMaBO: Review of the Best Binary Options Broker and Real Trader Reviews

FINMAX: binary options broker review and traders' reviews
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FinMaxBO (FINMAX BO) is no longer a young and ambitious company that still occupies a leading position in ranking.

Having received trust not only from traders, but also from many experts, the organization continues to move in the right direction, relying on the optimization of trading conditions and the introduction of innovations in the field of safe investment in financial markets. Thereby increasing trust among its members even more.

Trading conditions

The presented trading platform was established in Cyprus (Limassol) in 2016, and has all the necessary permits for the implementation of the declared activities.

Having received a license from the Center for Regulation of Relations in Financial Markets (CROFR), FinMax clearly indicated its interest in providing guarantees and protecting the rights of traders.

Among the main trading conditions of the brokerage platform are the following::

Account opening

To start working on the FinMaxBO trading platform, you will need open an account. As a new member, of course, you will need to fill in all the data and it is better to do it correctly so that later there are no problems, for example, when withdrawal of funds.

If go link and click on the “Open an account” menu at the top, a special form will open in front of you, which you need to fill out and send:

The accuracy of the entered data is verified.

Completion of the user profile formation procedure is confirmed by the specified e-mail address, to which a message with the relevant information is sent. And also, you need to wait for a call from the manager to discuss with him all the important details of the start of productive work.

Some enter unrealistic data, thereby interrupting the work of an already busy support center. Beginners should pay more attention to the registration and verification process.

Account types

In addition to the standard Demo account, which is given free of charge to anyone interested at the beginning of their career, it is also possible to choose between real accounts.

There are 5 types of accounts in total, all of them have their own privileges and depend on the amount of funds you deposit.

BRONZE (from 250$)

The most basic BASIC level, this is the Bronze account type.

It is usually chosen by beginners, but 80% of all of them, of course, then either supplements it or overclocks it and, with the help of earned money, raises the level to a higher one, where there are more different privileges.

But even bronze has its own basic functions, which, in principle, are enough to start:

  • Full access to system capabilities;
  • Over 75 assets;
  • Bonuses up to 25% on deposit;
  • Access to educational video courses;
  • General account manager;
  • Economic calendar;
  • Withdrawals: The first withdrawal is free.

SILVER (from 1000$)

Silver account type is available to more serious traders who have come to the market not to try, but really intend to make trading at least one of the main types of income.

The minimum entry here starts from 1000$ and each trader receives even more privileges, namely:

  • All basic functionality +
  • Bonuses up to 50% on deposit;
  • The term for processing an application for withdrawal is 48 hours;
  • Risk-free trade up to 25% from the deposit;
  • Personal Account Manager;
  • Access to educational video courses;
  • Free Webinars.

GOLD (from 5000$)

Gold account type popular with more advanced beginners who know why they came.

They are strong and persistent. and this is their correct decision, since comfortable trading starts with an amount of just about 5000$. You will be able to make a more accurate calculation due to cold decision making, since there will be enough funds in the account.

This type of account is even suitable for trading on the system martingale, with the help of which the deposit on binary options is accelerated.

In addition to all the privileges that are included in bronze and silver, you get full access to the capabilities of the entire system and some more useful little things:

  • Bonuses up to 75% on deposit;
  • +2% return on each trade;
  • The term for processing an application for withdrawal is 24 hours;
  • Risk free trade up to 50% from deposit;
  • Daily analytics;
  • Market Review;
  • Fundamental and technical analysis;
  • Withdrawal of funds: 1 time per month - free of charge.

PLATINUM (from 25000$)

Platinum is available for already more experienced traders, where the level of trading is already much higher than a beginner. After all, deposits here start from 25 000$!

But if you want to withdraw profits without commissions and restrictions on the number of times, then a platinum account is of course your choice!

This type of account is equipped with additional privileges (not counting all the basic ones):

  • Full access to system features +
  • Bonuses up to 100% on deposit;
  • +4% return on each trade;
  • Access to educational video courses;
  • Withdrawal of funds: no restrictions and commissions.

VIP (from 100000$)

VIP conditions provided to traders with accounts from 100 000$, this is the type of account for professional traders.

Of course, this does not mean that if you have never traded in the financial market, then you cannot open this account.

On the contrary, with such a large deposit, you will learn how to trade without unnecessary emotions, since losing such a deposit is almost real if you follow the rules of risk management and do not put in one transaction ... for example, more than 5% from the entire account.

In addition to the basic privileges, the owners of VIP conditions from Finmax are waiting for the following in addition to the basic privileges:

  • Full access to system features +
  • Access to VIP webinars;
  • +6% return on each trade;
  • More than 100 assets for trading;
  • Manager and personal analyst 24/7;
  • Individual business plan;
  • Access to all Webinars;
  • Personal daily analytics;
  • Individual daily market review.

If you take into account the types of accounts, then from the available ones, Silver can be called the most profitable. When replenishing your account on 1000$, you will at least have a personal account manager there, who tells you when to buy and where to click.

If you look further, the Gold type is not much different from the Silver one, it is better to take the Platinum one right away, where you immediately get access to all the possibilities + withdrawal of funds is available at any time and without commissions.

Online trading platform


FinMax offers its clients a unique trading platform of its own design. A team of specialists tried to provide the most comfortable conditions for all users.

The trading interface is designed in a pleasant dark color scheme and has a convenient location for navigation devices.

In other matters, even for a beginner, it should not be difficult to make out what and where is located.

In the middle in the center is a large window with a graph. In which you can choose the time period, price display (scale, candles or bars), as well as apply indicators (a standard set of SMA, Bolonger Bands, MACD).

In other respects, it is unlikely that anyone uses them, because all technical analysis is much easier to carry out on another more advanced chart, for example, an MT4 or MT5 terminal.

The online platform for binary options is not sharpened at all for analysis, it usually only serves to visually inspect the general position of the price on the chart and manage transactions.

Plenty of assets, a wide choice of expiration, and a platform without freezes - all this you yourself will experience immediately, as soon as you get to work.

Finmax also has a fairly convenient mobile platform that allows you to make transactions directly from your phone:

Finmax mobile platform

Options types

The FinMax platform offers its clients only the two most popular types of binary options:

1. Classic option: "up / down". This is a standard type of binary options with a return on assets up to 90%. The choice of expiration time can vary from 30 seconds to the end of the trading day.

2. Innovative: "higher/lower". In essence, it is not considered exotic, since it is known to many under the name - Border.

It is a deal in which a trader invests in whether the value of the asset will go beyond the price range specified by the broker or not.

It differs from the classic one not only in terms of the profitability of the transaction, but also in the exotic size of the profit, which can reach 300%. FinMax customers report that higher/lower is being used more and more.


The choice of assets on this brokerage platform is very diverse. 77 positions are available for investment, the selection of which is quite acceptable for most experts.

Most of all, of course, Finmax loves stocks, so those who decide to trade shares of companies are advised to open an account exactly here.

There are 4 categories in total:

  • 25 currency pairs;
  • 14 indices;
  • 8 products;
  • 11 cryptocurrencies.

Deposit and withdrawal of funds

The procedure for replenishing the trading balance on the FinMaxBO resource is automated and carried out instantly.

The term for transferring funds depends on the choice of payment system:

  • Visa, MasterCard;
  • QIWI;
  • webmoney;
  • Yandex money;
  • direct bank transfers.

To prevent fraud and theft, the withdrawal of funds from the trader's balance occurs after the mandatory identification of the person making the request.

The minimum withdrawal amount and withdrawal time are not limited. The withdrawal procedure provides for the use of only those payment systems with which the money was credited to the deposit.

According to traders, there are no difficulties with the withdrawal, and cases of unauthorized withdrawals have not been recorded.

Bonuses and Promotions

FinMax gives bonuses to all its new clients. The size of the welcome bonus depends only on the amount of the initial deposit.

Upon receipt of an amount in the amount of 250 $, 25% is additionally credited to the account, and when more than 1000$ is credited, the system adds 50%.

But there are often exceptions, Finmax has promotions or during holidays - new members are given a bonus from 100 to 200% even for the minimum deposit!


In addition to bonuses, the client receives a number of other privileges. Promotions are common in the system, when the broker insures the transactions of new customers, turning them into absolutely risk-free ones.

Not so long ago, a promotion called Real-Money appeared.

Real-Money - a trader trades on a demo account and receives cash rewards based on the results of trading.

This promotion has become one of the most popular, as it allows a beginner to earn money literally out of thin air without investing anything, you only need to trade on a demo account.

To participate in the Real Money promotion, you need to go to LINK and register.

Trading signals

The broker's unique service makes it possible to make decisions about opening trades for a trader based on the trading signals of the analytical group. Signals are provided absolutely free of charge, you only need to press the buttons to buy a CALL option or buy a PUT option.

You need to register to receive signals. HERE.


Judging by the number of positive reviews and the absence of negative ones, the company provides its customers with high-quality information support.

Operators can be contacted in the following ways:

  • Telephone in Moscow;
  • In Kazakhstan;
  • In Ukraine;
  • skype;
  • e-mail;
  • online chat;
  • feedback form;

Feedback from real traders

Messages from system users are mostly neutral.

On the one hand, high-level players are not very willing to leave positive reviews for the simple reason that they are simply lazy. But people love to write negative things.

Therefore, if strong deviations are not noticed, then there may simply not be any reviews at all.

Nevertheless, according to surveys of traders, we can safely distinguish the following positive features of the work of the staff and the trading platform as a whole:

note the discipline of the broker in fulfilling its obligations and the quality of service, which, in their opinion, is at a high level.

On the other hand, the very young age of the platform does not allow making unambiguous deep conclusions on the prospects for further cooperation with it.

The availability of a license from the CROFR guarantees the protection of the rights of traders, as well as the participation of the federal body in resolving possible conflict situations in the future.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of FinMax noted by experts:

  • Acceptable trading conditions;
  • Modern interface of the brokerage platform;
  • Diverse selection of major assets;
  • Full automation of financial transactions;
  • The presence of a bonus system;
  • Availability of a training demo account;
  • Availability of a license from the Center for Regulation of Relations in Financial Markets (TsROFR).


  • The inability to conduct technical analysis directly in the online platform. But this is rather not a drawback, but a nuance, since for those. analysis, it is better to use platforms that are designed for this, for example, MT4 or MT5.
  • Fixed expiration time. You can not choose more flexible (2, 16 minutes). But this is rather a nitpick, since the standard choice is more than enough.
  • There are some minor glitches in the site, but technical specialists solve everything quickly.


The FinMax brokerage platform is an example of a successful company. It all started back in 2016 and is still at the highest level. The site is constantly being developed and supplemented with new useful features.

Having won the trust of traders, it continues to support their interest, providing all the necessary conditions for the most effective investment.

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