FinMaxFX: trade with a maximum leverage of 1:200 on over 400 assets!

Is FinMaxFX the Perfect Forex Broker or the Holy Grail for Newbies? NO! Rather, a long-awaited find for those who value time, work stability and transparent payments!

What is FinMaxFX in a nutshell?

  • Over 400 assets for trade;
  • Over 250 shares from around the world;
  • official regulation CROFR;
  • Leverage now UP TO 1:200;
  • Over 30 cryptocurrencies for trade;
  • Tight spreads from 3 points;
  • Protection from negative balance;
  • Trading signals!


History of creation

We all always want stability and independence, just FinMaxFX decided to fulfill a long dream of a large audience of traders.

This number includes not only professionals who have been trading for a long time and have already gained experience, but Finmax does not deprive beginners who have just entered the market and do not want to be left behind.

FinMaxFX is headed by a group of enthusiastic traders who have ten years of experience behind them and, having united their efforts, they decide to take a desperate step - to create such a company that even a simple beginner would not have any doubts about its activities and that they would finally believe that Forex earnings are REAL!

Indeed, in order to really make money on Forex, not only a high-quality strategy is necessary, but the broker itself must meet all the requirements for the provision of brokerage services, regardless of the level of professionalism of the trader.

General information about the company

FinmaxFX operates under the auspices of MaxCapitalLimited. The broker was founded in 2017 - to this day the company is successfully developing and provides traders with ample opportunities for Forex trading.

FinmaxFX is a registered broker who operates on the valuable asset market in accordance with the established legislation. Protection of interests and other guarantees for clients are provided according to international standards, and the broker's activities are controlled by leading regulators.

In addition, the broker is actively involved in the life of the financial market, as evidenced by the following facts:

  • The broker is authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) of Seychelles;
  • The company became one of the ideological inspirers for the creation of the NAFD. This is an organization whose main task is to regulate the activities of all participants in the Forex trading process, as well as to make online trading a separate branch of the Russian economy;
  • The EU Directive "On the Markets of Financial Instruments" is the main document that the broker focuses on in its work.

It should also be noted that the broker treats the funds of its clients with care. This conclusion can be drawn for several reasons:

  • Client funds are stored in the best banks in Europe with reliability level No. 1 immediately after they are credited to the account;
  • The broker has introduced a mandatory verification procedure for all clients, which prevents third parties from accessing their accounts;
  • If a measure is applied to a client's deposit or financial transaction that is contrary to his interests and intentions, the client at any time during the trading process can use the special Compensation Fund that the broker has created for his clients.

Trading conditions

The company provides favorable trading conditions for private traders and large investors:

  • Over 400 underlying assets (this is not found anywhere else);
  • Spreads from just 3 pips (the presence of a considerable spread is once again confirmed by the intention to make money on spreads, as is generally accepted and should be with any broker, and not to drain customer deposits);
  • Free balance replenishment;
  • Leverage from 1:50 to 1:200 (remember, the higher the leverage, the higher the risk of losing the deposit);
  • Balance protection from going into a negative value;
  • Large selection of deposit methods, including bank cards, transfers, electronic wallets and even cryptocurrency;
  • Guaranteed withdrawal of profit in 5-7 days for verified clients (such a seemingly long withdrawal of earnings is associated with the legality of the company's activities, which once again confirms that the client's money is not kept by the boss, but in the bank);
  • Top notch technical support, which can be contacted not only by phone, but also via online chat, email and feedback form (one of the few distinguishing features of Finmax is its impeccable support, no company can compare with this level!).

Account types

In addition to the training Demo account, FinmaxFX clients have three real trading accounts at their disposal, which are designed for traders with different levels of experience:


  • Micro – an account for clients who are just starting their acquaintance with Forex, and since the amount of 1000$ seems to them beyond the clouds, and the demo is no longer interesting, they open a micro account to “play”. After all, the minimum initial deposit of this type of account is only 250$;
  • Mini - the most popular among traders who are already serious about working and have a rough idea of what they will have to work with. You can start your trading path here with 1000$;
  • standard – an account for traders who have already gained experience and are ready for more serious investments, the minimum deposit is 5000$;
  • Premium - this is an account with exclusive conditions for VIP clients who are ready to replenish their account with at least 25 thousand for additional bonuses and privileges;
  • VIP conditions (all the sweetest) for PROFI traders with deposits FROM 100000$.

An account can be opened both in euros and in dollars and rubles - to choose from. Besides, completely no commission when opening a transaction!

What is the best amount to start trading with? In general, an amount of at least 2000$ is enough for comfortable trading, anything less is not serious, for lovers of “easy money” or just playing.



FinmaxFX clients have more than 1500 financial instruments from different groups at their disposal:

  • Currency pairs - this is the most liquid instrument, since it is with it that most of the transactions are made. Trading is conducted around the clock from Monday to late Friday evening. An important characteristic for currencies is their high volatility;
  • Stock is a more predictable asset that is less subject to market noise and perfectly fulfills long-term trends. When trading stocks, it is important to follow the news of specific companies and sectors of the economy as a whole, as well as control the release of quarterly reports;
  • Commodity futures - an old kind of assets, their main feature is that they exist physically (corn, wheat, sugar, oil, etc.). Such an asset is subject to cycles and is easy to predict, which is important for medium-term contracts;
  • Stock Indices - Since indices are the catalyst for the economy of the whole region, and not just an individual company, like stocks, they are much easier to predict. This instrument is traded 5 days a week, around the clock;
  • Cryptocurrency - the broker keeps up with the times and offers its clients all the newest instruments, it is not surprising that digital currencies have appeared in its arsenal along with national currencies. They are less affected by news, global crises and sanctions. They are driven only by popularity and trust;
  • Metals - this group includes not only precious metals, but also those that are of high value in industrial sectors. Trading metals is interesting in the short and medium term for traders with a small deposit, and is also relevant for large investment and state-owned companies;
  • Energy carriers - oil and gas trade is characterized by a close relationship with the world economy, that is, when it rises, the price of energy carriers also grows, in the presence of economic problems, oil and gas become cheaper;
  • Securities – FinmaxFX clients have the opportunity to trade with small investments on high-yield bonds (sterling, dollar, eurobonds and yen-denominated securities). An added bonus in this market is the lack of commissions and low margins.

Trading platforms

Probably the only drawback for many traders may be that FinmaxFX abandoned the well-known and popular MT4 platform and completely switched to MT5.

Of course, MetaTrader 5 can be called a multifunctional trading platform and it has a number of advantages over MT4, most importantly, MT5 works probably 3-5 times faster than MT4. If you have a weak computer, then you better switch to MT5.

The MT5 terminal is also actively developing now and many different indicators for this platform are already appearing, which means there are strategies.

Let's highlight a number of main advantages of MT5:

  • Works faster and more stable than MT4 (quick response due to competent and newer optimization);
  • It has all timeframes, unlike MT4, on which TF is limited;
  • A glass of prices is available, as in futures and in more advanced terminals (although why it is not clear at all in trading currency pairs, and no beginner will be able to use it correctly);


Based on their practice, the bonus is a real opportunity disperse the deposit at least 2-3 times, many have already done this.

It is worth noting an important nuance in the psychology of trading that when you don’t think about money, but just work, you soon find a solid profit. Therefore, it is recommended to start with at least 1000$, so you will not be afraid to open trades.

And if earlier FinmaxFX provided only bonuses for the first deposit in the amount of 25% from the deposit, now there is a bonus program for existing customers who can receive up to 15% bonus for re-depositing.

BUT! Often the broker runs just crushing promotions and gives out bonuses of UP TO 200%! To calculate the amount of your bonus, you need to go to THIS LINK and fill in the data to activate your personal account. The manager will contact you shortly and tell you everything in more detail.



With the FinmaxFX broker, there is no need to waste time looking for thematic information on the Internet. Even the most inexperienced novice in trading can gain enough knowledge only by registering on the broker's website.

To get started, you can familiarize yourself with the complete dictionary of terms and definitions from the trader's subject.

Further, it will not be superfluous to watch video tutorials, the study of which is marked on a special “My progress” scale - this is a convenient tool that gives a beginner an understanding of how savvy he is in the field of exchange trading.

FinmaxFX clients have video tutorials on Forex trading, market situation analysis, social trading and trading psychology, how to trade stocks and CFDs and a lot of other useful information.

The most simple, convenient and accessible method of obtaining and mastering new information, most traders rightly recognized webinars.

FinmaxFX offers online seminars, which are conducted by the best experts of the company and experienced traders for all registered clients absolutely free of charge.

To take part in such an event, it is enough to select any topic that will be presented in the webinar calendar and apply for participation through the account manager.

The lesson is interactive, that is, a trader can not only watch and listen to information on a chosen topic, but also ask any questions that arise along the way. The company's experts always fully respond to any comments and suggestions.

It is known that theory without practice is dead, therefore, immediately after the accumulation of a certain amount of theoretical knowledge, they can be applied on a free demo account.

Access to the school account opens immediately after registration. Trading on it is carried out according to real quotes, but with the only difference - there is no need to replenish the account with your own money.


After training, the broker does not leave his clients to their fate, but helps them in every possible way in their work, first of all, by providing an extensive analytical base.

FinmaxFX clients will have the following tools at their disposal:

  • Current news from the world of finance and politics;
  • Weekly technical analytics;
  • Weekly and daily market reviews;
  • Calendar of economic events;
  • Proven investment strategies;
  • Tips from experienced traders.

Using the entire set of analytical tools, you can significantly improve the quality of forecasting the market situation and create the most effective strategy, which can later be successfully tested on a demo account.

Free trading signals

Broker FinMaxFX decided to stand out and broadcast live trading signals absolutely free of charge in a special closed telegram channel RIGHT HERE you can sign up.

Signals are provided by a large analytical team of pros and gurus-experts in the field of trading. Judging by the feedback from the trader who trades on such signals, the profit is good.

Advantages and limitations

Despite its young age, the broker managed to acquire a large arsenal of advantages compared to its competitors. We list the most significant:

  • A reliable company with its own compensation fund and regulated by a well-known FSA organization;
  • The broker offers a large number of financial instruments and, when new needs arise, it always supplements the list of assets (this is not found anywhere else);
  • Deserved popularity among binary options players, everyone has already understood that binary options is FinMax, but now also forex;
  • The withdrawal of profit is guaranteed, and for this you can use a large number of payment services.

As for the shortcomings, we can only highlight the lack of MT4, but this is a purely personal opinion, although most traders have already adapted to the new platform and feel quite good.

Attention! TAKE THE TEST - Find out if you're ready to be Real Trader!

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