Fundamental analysis

Fundamental analysis

Fundamental analysis includes an analysis of the release of important economic events (news).

Important news pushes the market very strongly in one direction or another, and therefore it is recommended to always follow the news and always remember to look at the calendar before you are going to trade.

Fundamental analysis

In general, in addition to the release of news, many other factors influence the price, but news is usually a very strong indicator, especially if it is economically important news that all traders in the world are waiting for.

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The most important news

This can be clearly seen on the chart - before the release of important news, such as: GDP, Change in the number of employed individuals in the non-agricultural sector (NFP - Nonfarm payrolls), inflation data, MHIF, etc. - the market literally freezes, prepares.

What happens to the market before the release of the news?

Before important news, there is usually a flat, and then a sharp movement towards the indication.

If the news indicator comes out WORSE THAN EXPECTED, means currency FALLS ↓
If the news indicator comes out BETTER THAN EXPECTED, means currency INCREASING ↑

Always consider upcoming news before opening a trade or buying an option, otherwise it may have a negative impact on your entire deposit.

The release of news with indicators that are the opposite movement of an open transaction is dangerous for the deposit, since the drawdown may not be sustained. The same applies to binary options.

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