Auto Fibonacci levels indicator in binary options trading

Auto Fibonacci levels indicator in binary options trading

Many traders are familiar with Fibonacci numbers, but when using them, the most important thing is to correctly build levels and competent analysis, which not everyone can do.

And it is extremely difficult to count on success without it. An alternative option is to use a special indicator that automatically builds the grid. All that remains for the trader to do is simply to monitor the price.

The essence of Fibonacci levels?

Their formation occurs due to repeated tracking, when the reverse course of the course occurs in the same place.

The resulting forecast data are highly reliable, but it is impossible to predict exactly which price will rebound from, although many believe that a reversal most often occurs from 61.8%.

In the event of a change in the direction of movement at one of the levels, most likely it will turn into a line support or resistance.

It is the trend changes that most often allow traders to make decisions regarding further actions.

The presence of corrective movements to the resistance or support lines makes it possible to determine with greater accuracy the moment when it is worth selling or buying an option.

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How is the network formed?

Thanks to Fibonacci and the trend chart, an original grid is formed, with the help of which the point where the trend of the current timeframe originates is calculated.

In addition, it is advisable to monitor not only the main ones: 38.2%, 50%, 61.8%, 78.6%, etc. (which come by default), but also pay attention to such small ones as: 23.6% and 11.8%.

In these places, the trend is corrected, which determines its subsequent movement and, as a result, the approximate outcome of the option for the trader is already revealed.


You should not focus solely on levels, it would be much more reasonable to combine them with others. strategies or indicatorswhich will eventually lead to more stable profits.

How to get the automatic Fibonacci plotting indicator?

Just leave a comment and download!


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