ProTrade indicator system with a non-standard trading algorithm

ProTrade indicator strategy with a non-standard trading algorithm
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The ProTrade system was created by a group of professional foreign developers and, after its creation, it was refined and tested for another 5 years to achieve maximum accuracy of indications for traders.

It is based on the use of, at first glance, simple, two indicators, FPS signal and FPS trend.

They calculate the state of the market using complex algorithms and are fully optimized to work with any currency pairs and on all timeframes.

Because of this, they do not provide for changing different settings of indicators, and the work is carried out completely in automatic mode.

To start working on this strategy, you need to mount indicators in Metatrader4 (MT4 download here).

Determining the direction of price movement

FPS trend is located at the bottom of the terminal, in the form of a chart with alternating red and blue stripes, and informs about the trend direction of the trading instrument at a given time.

Unlike standard tools for determining price movement, it shows more accurate information on the chart.

FPS signal gives a signal to open a trading position and is displayed as red and blue arrows, depending on the direction of the transaction.

To open an order correctly, two conditions must match, this is the appearance of a red or blue arrow on the chart in the terminal, and the color of the trend chart must match the direction of the signal to enter the market.

Timeframe and expiration

The timeframe in Metatrader 4 needs to be set to 5 minutes, and the expiration time in the binary options terminal is 15 minutes. After that, you need to go to the options terminal, and when the next bar opens in MT4, set a trade order in the direction of the signal.

The FPS signal indicator, by itself, in most cases, shows the correct direction for opening a position, but it is still optimal for both entry conditions to be met.

To further increase the reliability of the strategy, you can set the timeframe to 15 minutes in MT4, and the expiration time in the BO terminal to 30 minutes.

At the same time, there will be significantly fewer entry signals, but they will be even more accurate. You should also remember that the strategy is trending, and the best time to make deals is from 9-00 to 23-00.

During significant news release periods, usually between 3pm and 6pm, it is best to refrain from opening trades and stay out of the market. During the Pacific session, it is undesirable to use ProTrade, as the probability of giving erroneous signals increases.

Nuances in trading

When making transactions using this strategy, it is advisable to pay attention to the indicators of the minimum and maximum prices of the selected trading instrument for the previous day.

If trading on the exchange goes around these values, then high volatility usually occurs and it is better not to enter the market at this time, but wait until the price moves away from these values by 10-15 points.

The system was tested in work with various exchange assets, and with all of them it showed stable profitability, but the EURUSD and GBPUSD currency pairs are the most preferred for trading.

Trading options on the exchange is a very risky business, and no one manages to avoid losing trades, if this happens, you can never immediately start to recoup. It is better to continue following the same strategy or to wait a bit when the market conditions are more suitable for making trades.

The ProTrade system is suitable for both beginners and professionals. The indicators used in it work according to non-standard algorithms, which are carefully hidden by the developers.

Market entry points are determined with great accuracy, so in the near future, the system will bring constant income.

Trading recommendations

Trading pairs: preferred EURUSD and GBPUSD;

Working timeframe: M5 - M15;

Expiration: 2-3 candles;

Time to trade: from 9:00 to 23:00 Moscow time, except for the release of important news;

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Template + indicators

To download the ProTrade strategy for free, you need to leave some comment on this article, right after that a special link for downloading files will appear here.


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