Binary Options Indicator Strategy: Auto Levels

Binary Options Indicator Strategy: Auto Levels
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The essence of the trading strategy is to trade relative to support and resistance levels.

To display visual information on the monitor screen, we will use an automated indicator that draws these levels.

Levels or zones of resistance and support are areas where there is a change in the influence on the price of buyers and sellers.

As a rule, near significant levels of resistance and support, a large number of pending orders are placed. Some put orders for a breakdown, others for a rollback.

According to the law of supply and demand, which affects the market, we can say:

  • When demand (the ability and need to acquire, buy) exceeds supply (the ability and need to sell), we will observe an increase in price;
  • When exactly the opposite happens, we observe a decline in the price chart.

In other words, resistance and support zones are places on the price chart where there is a concentration of orders of the strongest traders who participate in the trading process.

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What pattern should be used in the strategy?

Having reached the support zones, the price will bounce up, having reached the areas of resistance zones, the price will go down.

Undoubtedly, it is difficult for any beginner to understand charts. It is not immediately clear where the strong or weak level is. To analyze all timeframes, you need to have a lot of experience with charts.

It is for beginners, in order not to complicate their lives, that a special indicator is needed that shows all levels, regardless of the timeframe.

Advantages of the strategy

  • The strategy is easy to understand, even intuitively;
  • Thanks to the indicator, which is redrawn depending on the price movement, everyone will be able to understand the process of forming levels and the principles of working on them;
  • Visualization of levels in the trading terminal on the charts of all time periods.

Trade up (call option):

CALL option from support level

1. You can use all standard currency pairs for trading, the choice is not limited by anything.

2. We set the required time period. If the timeframe is longer, the probability of a positive trade increases.

3. We look at the chart and wait for the signal. What should be expected? We are waiting for the moment when the price chart reaches the support zone and bounces, at the beginning of the rebound, you need to enter a trade up. The time interval of expiration is 1-3 candles.

Trade down (put option):

PUT option from resistance level

1. For down trades, we also choose a standard currency pair ourselves.

2. We set the required time period.

3. We are waiting for a signal. The price approaches the resistance level and rebounds. This is followed by setting a position for 1-3 candles.

If you do not trade this strategy, the indicator will not interfere with you when trading any other strategy. It can be used as a signal confirmation filter.

Trading recommendations

Trading pairs: all major;

Working timeframe: the older the TM, the stronger the level, and hence the signal;

Expiration: 1-3 candles;

Time to trade: any;

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Template + indicators

To download the "Trading by Auto Levels" strategy for free, you need to leave some comment on this article, immediately after that a link for downloading files will appear here.


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