How 6 transactions 0.05 lot brought me 350$ on a full machine

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On Monday, June 6, 2016, pending orders were placed for 6 pairs, taking into account the received signals.

Worked at this broker, dispersed a small deposit by this effective strategy.

I forgot to place a pending order for one pair, so the profit would be 100$ more.

If you opened with 0.10 lot, then the profit would be 2 times more + if you take into account the forgotten pending order, then in the end the profit would be around 1000$ - and this is just 15 minutes of work!

Why was it 15 minutes of work? Because trading was carried out on the H4 timeframe, it was only necessary to place pending orders and the next day to see and if anything close.

Yes! I put it up, closed the terminal, closed the profit the next day - EVERYTHING! This is how easy it really is to make money on Forex.

In general, 2 strategies were used in this trade: the first as an opening, the second as an additional filter for closing a position. I will write about the first one soon, and the second strategy is described here.

What general rules were used in such trading?

The simplest: placing pending orders with a fixed stop loss + take profit, but as it turned out, it is most effective to close the deal before reaching the take profit.

The only pair that closed on take profit is this one:


But this is an accident, and in forex trading you cannot rely on chance.

Profit on the NZD/JPY pair was 150 pips or 0.05 lots = 70$ (excluding spread).

  • And here are all the pairs for which there were transactions:


Pair NZD/JPY to trade




Pair CAD/JPY to trade


GBP/JPY trade pair


Pair for a EUR/JPY trade


USD/JPY pair to trade

And for this one, as I said above, it’s a pity, but I forgot to place an order, the movement was good, I would take another +150 points:


CHF/JPY trade pair

Why was the trade conducted in such a small lot?

As mentioned above, the overclocking was a small deposit, so a small lot was used to minimize risks and several pairs were taken to increase the efficiency of trading.

Have you decided for yourself what is best for you?

Be content with strategies that bring a maximum of 80-85% profit or use break even super profitable strategy?

Decide for yourself!

Here's what this strategy showed:

Profitable strategy

It is clearly seen that this is just a correction in this case and that the downward movement will soon continue and it is necessary to close the deal.

Corrective indicators numbered 1 and 3 have reached the top, and indicators number 2 are lingering at the bottom, which means that the upward movement has already run out of steam and the downward movement will soon begin, which happened!

If not break even strategy, then the deal would be closed by Stop Loss!

The same strategy showed for other pairs.

Here is an example for another pair, in the same way the strategy shows that this is a pullback and the price will move further down:

Couples Strategy

Indicators number 1 have already gathered at the top, and indicators number 2 are still lingering at the bottom and the price goes down, and I managed to close the deal with a good profit!

Do you want the same? Always know in advance where the price will move? Regardless of market conditions and time? It doesn't even matter where to open positions, it is important where to close them!

Here is a real example of transactions with a really fixed profit, what else is needed for happiness?

Total was earned 750 points and if you trade 0.10 lot, then the profit will be the same! And if you open deals in general with a standard 1 lot, then the profit will be 7500$!

Getting real income on FOREX is easy and understandable!

Are you still trading forex?

What are you waiting for!


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