How to effectively trade forex on gold?

How to effectively trade forex on gold?

How to effectively trade forex on gold? Example of gold trades using Expert Advisor for overclocking a small deposit!

As you know, gold is one of the most volatile financial instruments. While the currency pair barely passes 80 points, gold plows through 800 and moves on. This is where you can really make money!

Here is an example of level entries that this EA highlights:

Inputs from levels

Watch how the price approaches the level and rebounds from it!

You can see how the price works out these levels well, pushes back and goes in our direction:

Price movement

Stop is set below the level, but it will all be in training coursethat comes with the advisor.

Why is it much more profitable to trade gold?

  • Firstly, the most important thing is that you can earn 10 or 100 times more on gold for the same time that you trade on currency pairs. Approximately 1 to 10. 1000 points on gold is equivalent to 100 points on currency. Daily candles reach 3000, 5000 points! It happens that in 2-3 weeks gold can go through all 10,000 points!
  • Secondly, this adviser very accurately shows the levels from which the price rebounds and goes in your favor. The beauty is that the adviser not only generates much more signals than for currency pairs, but also the fact that, as mentioned above, gold is very volatile and for the place of 80 points that the currency passes, you withdraw 800 on gold and this is on the M15 timeframe!

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