How to actually learn to trade binary options?

How to actually learn to trade binary options?
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How to learn to trade binary options for real? Let's take a look at the most important things to consider for any beginner!

At the beginning, you need to remember for yourself and understand that you can’t really learn how to trade using only a Demo account.

Why can't you really learn how to trade on a Demo account?

Demo account is a special program that simulates a real schedule. You will not fail to see those real market conditions that arise on a real account: “spikes”, demolition of stops and all sorts of “noises” - a demo account is absolutely liquid, everything is smooth and simple there.

To really learn how to trade, you need to “smell the gunpowder”! Nothing without this. You must have some initial amount, at least in 1000$, which you will not be sorry to lose and with the help of it - with the minimum allowable rates, you will learn.

On a demo account, you can master the platform, look and play around - figure out what and how it works “in general”, but learning to trade binary options using a Demo account is simply not possible.

On a demo account - all transactions are made correctly, 100% execution, no commissions and restrictions. But as soon as a beginner switches from demo to real, there is a mess, nothing happens! And this is not the fault of the broker, but only yours!

Step by step action plan

  • open demo account;
  • Mastering trading platform;
  • Trying to make deals (for starters, not complicated strategies are suitable, for example on the news or by signals). You will have 1 week to train on the demo;
  • Switch to a real account and make your first deposit. For comfortable trading, 1000$ is enough to start (you can take bonusif you don't have enough cash before 1000$).


To really learn how to trade and make money on binary options, you need practice. Do not confuse this with a demo account, you only need to practice on a real account in order for you to trade with real money. This is the only way to learn how to increase the score. no risk.

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