How to open a real account with a binary options broker?

How to open a real account with a binary options broker?

Opening an account, and especially a real one, is not a little important action that needs to be taken seriously. So that all points are fulfilled and there is no misunderstanding on your part as a trader.

As soon as you open a real account, you immediately become a trader. Yes, perhaps you are still a beginner and have just switched from Demo, but you already have a full-fledged trading platform with real stock quotes at your disposal.

Step-by-step instruction

To open a real account, you must go to the brokerage site and click on the button: "Open an account":

In the form, fill in all the data correctly, this is important! Fill in only the existing data: your full name and valid phone number, otherwise you simply will not be contacted for verification.

Since this is not an anonymous exchange, but still a licensed broker, verification is required if you do not want to have difficulties with withdrawal of funds.

You will need to upload a scan of your passport and everyone may be asked to scan a bank card if you want to withdraw money to it. Of course, it is easier to use electronic wallets.


By the way, now you can replenish your account even with cryptocurrency! Perhaps for someone it will be relevant.

After you send your data for consideration, a manager will contact you within 15 minutes to answer your questions and explain the cooperation.

Real bonus for all new traders!

By the way, all new traders are now highly recommended to take deposit bonus, since most beginners replenish only the minimum allowable amount. Bonus funds can play a decisive role in increasing your starting capital.

Usually they give 100% bonus, but there are exceptions (holidays or promotions) and you can get as much as 200% bonus funds!

For example, you have only 250$, but you really want to really start trading already “for adults” and you are given 200% to your depot.


In total, you get as much as 750$ on your account! You will be able to buy contracts at least at 20$, and not at 5$. By trading with a large volume, you significantly increase your chances of a quick deposit acceleration.

You can also look at basic trading methods on binary options and money management rules.

Happy trading!

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