How to trade binary options on the news?

How to trade binary options on the news?

Probably, almost everyone, without exception, has already tried to trade binary options on the news and this is a really profitable type of trading.

If you take into account only the strongest news (3 bull heads) and exclude conflicting data (both positive and negative), then you still cannot calculate the expiration time very accurately. And you will have to miss a lot of news, which is not very much.

When news trading, the recommended time is 5 minutes, if the released data does not conflict with each other and the price moves in the same direction without spikes, then the probability of winning each option increases to 95%, but there are very few such news.

What are the options for increasing profits?

But you can go the other way and use leading indicators to this strategy, where we can determine the direction of the price in advance even before the release of actual news data!

In addition, the data very often arrives with a delay, the price has already moved, and we see the numbers on the calendar after 10 minutes.

If you do not use leading indicators, then you will very often just sit in front of the monitor in vain, waiting for news forecasts and constantly follow, although you just need to set the template on the pair chart from this strategy and observe the further direction of the price in advance!

Here are the data we got for the pound:

As you can see, the news conflicts with each other, there are both positive and negative ones, but according to the strategy, we determined the direction in advance and bought the option even before the release of the actual data:

Both options closed with a profit and this is just an example of how easy it is to trade binary options on the news using new technologies that greatly simplify the life of a trader!

In news trading, it is best to use this trading platform, it is reliable and tested more than once and you don’t have to worry about the safety of your funds, and this is the main thing.

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