How to trade in the upcoming week from 5 to 9 June 2017?

How to trade in the upcoming week from 5 to 9 June 2017?

What events are expected in the world economy in the coming week from 5 to 9 June 2017? Consider the main and most important news on which you can trade binary options.

Many beginners have already realized that binary options news trading is a real KNOW-HOW in the world of trading, as it allows you to get the first profit with a minimum deposit even without any basics.

Trading rules

First, let's look at the basic rules of news trading.

We open here economic calendar, be sure to set your time zone and see what news there is with three bull heads (the most important). It is better to take into trading only the most important ones, on less significant events the volatility can be insignificant.

Opening the platform for binary options and wait for the release of the news. As soon as we see that the readings are out, we look at the values.

It can be determined simply by the color of the output data:

Green numbers - the readings are higher than the previous ones, we start buying up options from pullbacks with an expiration of 5 minutes until this movement ends.

Red color - the readings are negative, we buy options for a fall.

Black color - the value has not changed, or has changed, but only slightly. You can refrain from buying, or buy a couple of options to increase, since often the same data released for the currency is also a positive means for a move.

Why is it better to buy many options at once?

This is necessary for diversification, since if you buy only one or even two options, there is little chance that transactions will be profitable. But if you protect yourself and take several pullbacks at once, then the chances increase. Usually, with such trading, 7-8 deals out of 10 are closed in plus.

See an example of trading on Nonfarm Payroll news: HERE and HERE.

Brief overview of important events in the coming week

Now let's look at what news is generally worth taking into account and using them to open profitable trades.

Monday: June 5

So, in the economic calendar on Monday there are no most significant events. Movement is likely to be small and sluggish.

Tuesday: June 6

Everything will start from Tuesday, but not with major pairs, but with a pair where there is an Australian dollar.

From the very early morning at 7:30 Moscow time, two news are released at once - RBA Accompanying Statement and RBA Interest Rate Decision.

This important news can significantly affect the rate of the AUD/USD pair and others with the presence of AUD, so it will be possible to prepare for high volatility.

Trading pair: AUD/USD (trade report)

Trade »

Wednesday: 7 June

Here there is a blow to the euro from lunch to Moscow time. At 12:00 there are two big news - Gross domestic product (y/y) and Gross domestic product (q/q).

If the data comes out high compared to the previous value, then this will significantly strengthen the euro, it will be possible to buy options on the EUR/USD pair, if the readings come out negative - lower than the previous one, then it will be possible to buy options for a fall.

Trading pair: EUR/USD

Trade »

Thursday: June 8

At 00:00 Moscow time parliamentary elections will take place, this is a very significant event, which in the future can significantly affect the pound.

Coming out at 14:45 ECB Deposit Rate Decision and ECB Interest Rate Decision. From that. what conditions will put forward by the ECB will depend on the further outcome of the movement of the euro, you can prepare for significant volatility.

Also, at 15:30, after the decision of the ECB, there will be answers to questions during the Press Conference and comments by the ECB on monetary policy. So the euro can give heat, as it can affect the current trend - strengthen it or weaken it.

Trading pair: GBP/USD, EUR/USD (euro trading report)

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Friday: June 8

P will be released at 11:30 Moscow timeforecast for consumer price inflation. These indications by the Bank of England may strengthen or weaken the British pound in the long term.

And in the final stage of the trading week, the Canadian dollar will be hammered. At 15:30 two news will be released at once - Unemployment rate and Employment change.

In general, the growth in the number of employed people is positive for the CAD, but if negative data comes out, there will be a downward trend.

As for the unemployment rate, the opposite is true here - growth weakens the currency, and a decrease in the rate is positive for the currency.

Trading pair: GBP/USD, USD/CAD (trading report for GBP)

Trade »

The best broker for news trading

Here it can be summed up: what is the best broker for news trading is 24option.

Firstly, not every broker makes it so easy to make a profit at the time of 99.9% price predictability at the time of news release. 24option does not close the platform, does not cut off the connection, and the option purchase is lightning fast!

Secondly, the platform works without slips and freezes. This is a very important point, since almost all small brokers simply cannot open a deal at a time of high volatility, in 24option it makes it easy and effortless! The deal opens instantly.

So decide for yourself what you want?

Perfect trading? When no one decides for you and does not put spokes in the wheels, but only you conduct your own trading and earn as much as you can?


You continue to look for a dubious office with a minimum entry into 10$ and with an unclear schedule, where quotes are jumping like a cardiogram or even worse chasing no deposit bonuses, which in the end is a loss of personal time.

2485$ on Non-Farm Payrolls news: super profitable strategy!


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