How to withdraw profits from binary options brokers freely?

How to withdraw profits from binary options brokers freely?

How to withdraw profit from binary options brokers freely and without any problems? If you are trading or just starting out in the world of trading, you definitely need to know the steps to cash out your profits.

What do you need to know at the very beginning?

In order not to wait until you want to urgently withdraw money, and for example, you have not passed account verification, it is recommended to do this immediately after registration, unless, of course, you have serious intentions about trading.

If in doubt, you can first play on a demo account, and if you are interested in this way of earning, you can switch to a real account and already go through the identity verification procedure.

All brokers this procedure is similar, so it makes little sense to show on each, let's look at the Finmax broker as an example.

What do you need to verify?

  • Photo of one of your identity documents (passport, where there will be a mark of permanent registration and the front side);
  • If you plan to withdraw money to a bank card, then you must also provide a scan of its front and back sides. It is important that the last 4 digits of the card number, its expiration date and your full name are clearly visible on the front side. The CVV code can be covered up (for example, a screenshot from Yandex Disk).

Some are also concerned about this question: will the broker be able to withdraw money to non-name cards? Answer: Yes, they can, but still they are generally not recommended to be used, as they are unreliable and poorly protected. It’s just that the broker will ask you, along with a scan of the card, to also provide a screenshot of your personal account or other document confirming your ownership of this card.

There is also such a nuance that you can only withdraw to the method that you replenished. Therefore, it is important to think over everything in advance - what type of payment details would it be more convenient for you to receive money on?

Of course, it’s most convenient to use a Web Money wallet (only you need to get a personal certificate there, it costs about 30$), Yandex money, for example, has too high commissions for withdrawing from ATMs and small limits (their card is only suitable for paying online).

You can work with bank cards only if you really understand what you are doing, since there you can simply be blocked on suspicion of money laundering (which they often do) requiring you to explain the payment, whether you need it or not - it's up to you how you will deal with them to explain. And even if you can unlock your card, you will be charged a decent commission.

Also, many brokers now have both replenishment and withdrawal to special crypto-wallets available. The most stable crypto wallet at the moment is the Litecoin wallet.

You can quickly withdraw (by converting currency into coins) to your wallet and immediately exchange it for the fiat currency you need.

For the exchange, you can use the internal exchange from Web Money or the exchanger, which can be searched in the monitoring at there are always the most profitable rates.

Withdrawal of funds from FinMax account

So, let's consider, for example, the procedure for withdrawing from a trading account with broker FinMaxBO.

  • The average withdrawal period is approximately 7 working days, and for VIP accounts this time is reduced to only 48 hours.

Attention! Since the accounts are verified, you should not be afraid of a too long withdrawal procedure, this is done to weed out scammers who use dishonest trading methods or hacking.

It is also worth remembering that in order to withdraw funds from your account, you must already have passed account verification. This is a simple check of your documents so that the broker does not pay a reward to just anyone, you should not be afraid of this. Therefore, it is better not to delay the verification, but go through it right away.

  • Any withdrawal request is always confirmed by your personal account manager and considered within 7 business days, not counting the owners of Premium accounts, of course, where money is withdrawn in just a day. VIP accounts have the ability to withdraw within 2 days;
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is only 10$;

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You can withdraw money to a bank card or e-wallet. Both methods were tested, no misunderstandings arose.

Here are the detailed withdrawal methods:

  • Bank card. All credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa Electron). Replenishment by card is made instantly. The withdrawal fee is 3.5% of the amount - the first withdrawal is WITHOUT COMMISSION;
  • By bank transfer or Santrapay (SEPA/SWIFT). The transfer is credited to the account up to 3 days. Withdrawal fee is 25 euros;
  • The minimum withdrawal amount by bank transfer is 250 USD;
  • Yandex. Money/Neteller/OKpay/Qiwi. Replenishment instantly, commission - 3.5%;
  • Perfect Money/Skrill. Crediting funds instantly, the commission is only 2%;
  • Web Money instant deposit and standard commission of only 0.8%;
  • Bitcoin. The transaction takes about 1 hour. The minimum withdrawal amount in cryptocurrency must be at least 50 USD during conversion, and the commission must be 7% of the amount.
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