How to make money on Forex, even if the price goes against us?

How to make money on Forex, even if the price goes against us?

How to make money on Forex, even if the price goes against us? Is this even possible? Maybe! Read on and find out how and why!


This screenshot shows a GBP/JPY deal: the first one is for sale and the second one is for purchase.

How was the trade?

At first, a Sell trade was opened under the level, as soon as the price approached it and began to consolidate, the stop was moved above the high and the take profit was 2 times higher.

Further, the price continued to consolidate at the level and did not want to go in the direction of take profit. The time was approaching evening and the terminal was closed until the morning.

The next day, it was clear that the price still went towards profit, but did not reach the take itself, but began to return to the very level.

It was decided to move the deal to breakeven and continue to wait: the price will go down or the deal will be knocked out by stop loss.

As a result: the deal was closed at breakeven, and since a new level was formed, a new order was opened in the opposite direction - to Buy (stop loss below the minimum, take 2 times more than the stop).

Then the price, having danced a little at the level, rushed up and this deal was already closed with a good profit!

And what does that even mean?

Yes, this only means that wherever the price goes: we can always make money on it!

Even if the price goes not in our direction, we will still earn money, and you know why?

Yes, because according to the trading rules themselves, the profit on Forex transactions is always an order of magnitude greater than the stop loss!

On the screenshot, you can clearly see that the sell level worked out, just didn’t have time to close the deal on time, well, it doesn’t matter! We closed at breakeven (more precisely, with a small profit) and immediately opened the opposite deal and earned!

Since the ratio: Stop Loss / Take Profit = at least 1 to 2, that is, the take profit should always be at least 2 times the stop loss. With such values, even if the profitability of your trading strategy is 50/50, you can still earn!

Not to mention THIS ADVISOR!

What to say about this adviser, which highlights the main market maker levels, trading with him can be safely designated as profitable UP TO 90%!

And it's not a joke! Try it yourself and see for yourself!

Start earning on Forex no matter what!

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