How to earn 100 pips on Forex with just one pair?

How to earn 100 pips on Forex with just one pair?

How to earn 100 pips on Forex with just one pair? How, having opened just one deal, take 100 points at once (and this is normal) on each currency pair and not only? The answer is here!

Here is an example of an open trade for USD/JPY (US dollar/Japanese yen):

example of an open trade on USD/JPY

A sell deal was opened when the price approached the level, the stop according to the rules is beyond the top, and now I put the take at least 100 points at a time.

The deal was left overnight and closed at take profit the next day.

What is an adviser? 

More details can be found in this article ⇒

For frequently asked questions from newbies, see here ⇒

See how the levels work HERE!

If you want, by opening just ONE deal for ONE pair - earn 100 pips A DAY?

Moreover, the adviser works on many pairs and you can open deals not on one pair, but on several at once!

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How much can you earn?

Imagine for yourself: 100 points is an average and quite normal profit, which is obtained by trading with this Expert Advisor.

  • 100 points - 0.1 lot is 100$
  • As a result, it turns out that 100$ is the minimum!

Even if you use 0.05 lots, open deals on 5 pairs and you will have the same $100!

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PS And here is another GBP/USD trade that reaches a take profit of 100 pips:

GBP/USD trade

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