How does gold make money? 1420 pips in one night of trading!

How does gold make money? 1420 pips in one night of trading!

How can gold make money even if you don't own these precious bars? The answer is simple: you can trade gold without even holding it in your hands, for example, here this adviser!

See the report on how 3 transactions in just one night brought +1420 points to the deposit using a simple but cunning forex advisor!

Here are the deals that were opened on the signals of the adviser

Currency pair GBP/JPY: trade on Buy from the level (stop below the minimum, take profit is 2 times more)


And here's what happened:


Profit 150 points!

Then there were 3 more pairs, I was looking for screenshots, apparently I forgot to take pictures, here is the result today:

Gold (trade on Sell under the level)


+1000 points, or more, it all depends on greed!

And here is the USD/JPY pair


+120 points in the deposit!

Now ask yourself just ONE question:

Do you want to get your hands on such a very simple trading system that always works and consistently makes a profit?

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What are its advantages over other more complex systems?

If we take exactly trading robots, everything is generally complicated there. Expert Advisors need to be able to optimize, adjust parameters, and then test them, and so many years will fly by.

Yes, if all the work was in vain and all in vain, any normal person will go crazy.

What is there?

This robot implements a special algorithm that detects the levels of market makers (you can read more about this here).

The price usually repels from them, the levels are always shown - the adviser does not fail, as the market makers will not go anywhere.

Our task is thus greatly simplified, namely:

— no need to analyze the market (entry points are ready)
— no need to calculate stop loss (rules are as simple as 2x2)
— even a child can set a take profit!

Is it possible to merge on this Expert Advisor?

Are you joking?

This is not an automatic system, all transactions are opened manually, in addition, in the training video lessons, all the nuances that arise during trading are considered in detail, so you can only merge if you fall asleep at the monitor and do not set a stop loss!

And another important factor

  • In trading, several pairs are always used at once, I do not recommend trading only one pair, you need to use several (to diversify funds)
  • The level of take profit on transactions always exceeds the stop loss by MINIMUM 2 TIMES, and often more!

And what kind of plum can we talk about?

Download adviser!

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