Which areas of activity are at risk during the crisis


Any period of crisis implies a worsening of the economic situation, rising inflation, unpredictable behavior of exchange rates, etc. Against this background, the deterioration of the state of business (especially small and medium-sized ones), the reduction of jobs becomes inevitable. Let's figure out which areas of business and professions are the most risky in a crisis, as well as find out the reasons for this, and what to do about it.

Analysis by main areas of activity

Let's start with the service sector, which, of course, depends on the solvency of the population. The lower it is, the more the service sector suffers. People stop going to cafes and cinemas, they try to save money as much as possible on everything, even on basic purchases - food, clothes, medicines. If the owner of a cafe or restaurant is forced to raise prices, this will negatively affect attendance. Because of this, first of all, service personnel, and then managers, fall under the reduction.

The sphere of trade does not begin to suffer so quickly, but if the crisis drags on, it will inevitably affect it too. At such times, people are more thoughtful about shopping. The sales market itself is also changing, the assortment, which is tied to the geopolitical situation. Therefore, both sellers, cashiers and managers, as well as marketers, merchandisers, merchandisers, and auditors can be left without work.

The sphere of leisure. In fact, it also belongs to the service sector and is undergoing the same negative changes. Decrease in demand leads to a series of cuts.

Sphere of tourism. Even if many destinations are open for travel, it is not a fact that tourists themselves will be able to book a tour. In the light of recent days, travelers prefer to refrain from booking tours and hotels due to the unpredictability of the situation. Simply put - no one is sure whether this or that direction will be open on the day of the reservation. In this regard, travel agents, organizers of excursion programs, etc. lose their jobs.

What to do? Or which areas are least at risk

According to experts, as well as binarybets.ru, socially significant areas - medical institutions, educational institutions - are exposed to the least risks. At the moment, high growth in the IT and digital sphere is also predicted.

For those who have been laid off, it is necessary, first of all, to find out the reason for the dismissal. If the situation is associated with a general deterioration in the situation in a particular area, it is necessary to think about quickly learning a new profession. In the event that a particular company goes bankrupt, it is worth looking for a place in a competing company from the same segment.

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