Martingale calculator for binary options

Martingale calculator for binary options

Martingale calculator for binary options online especially for those who trade with martingale or anti-martingale. With this calculator, you can easily calculate the sequence of bets in case of a losing trade in order to cover the previous ones and also earn money.

Traders who have the largest withdrawals of funds, as well as the most frequent ones, trade with martingale!

This is real information shared by one of the managers of the brokerage company.

Martingale calculator


What is the martingale calculator for?

For example, you incorrectly predicted the movement of an asset on binary options by investing in the 100$ option and your bet closed with a loss.

You have lost 100$ (now rare brokers make a % return on a losing trade) and now you need to somehow return the lost money and, on top of everything else, make money on top.

How to do it? To do this, you need to correctly calculate what the next trade should be, so that it covers the last unprofitable one, and even in the appendage it gives you the opportunity to earn!

This is exactly what the martingale calculator was created for!

How does the calculator actually work?

Everything is quite simple, it calculates further bets in case of a losing trade.

To make a correct calculation, you must enter in the first field the amount lost in the first losing option, and in the second field - % of profitability (% is calculated as 100% for the last unsuccessful trade + % of profit offered by the broker for 1 option, usually it is an average of 80% ).

So, let's say: we made a bet in the amount of 100$ with a profitability of 80% options and lost, now we need to win back this money, and even earn.

Enter the following information into the calculator:

Calculation on the martingale calculator

Thus, after clicking on the “Calculate” button, a sequence of further bets appears below. It turns out that in order to win back the lost bet of 100$ and also earn with the top, the next one needs to bet in the amount of 225$.

If you win - the next bet must be placed again from the minimum initial amount of 100$

As you can see, everything is simple.

The martingale strategy can be used in any binary options strategiesunless of course you have break-even super-profitable strategy, since on it all transactions still go in plus.

Also, before trading, you should choose binary options broker or look in ranking.

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