Cryptocurrency eCurrency at the start! 2000% in 3 weeks, what's next?

eCurrency time to buy! The price of the ECR cryptocurrency has already reached its minimum

Cryptocurrency eCurrency after listing on the exchange STEX successfully merged after small pumps almost to the floor, and now, after a long summer accumulation, it finally resumed its growth. Further, the price of ECR will only rise and update past highs.

How did it all start?

Starting from February 10, 2021, ECR rose sharply from 10 satoshi to 80 and this was just the beginning of the upcoming pump, then after a week of accumulation of positions, the price flew up to 200 satoshi making 2000%:

So far, something similar to an expanding triangle appears to be forming on the chart, but everything can change. I recommend trading with a grid of orders, it's more reliable. The most important thing is that the ascending cycle is not over yet. :) And it will end before a deep correction at about 250-300 satoshi!

The next frontier is the nearest marks of 250 stosh and 300, in order to determine whether there will be a correction from these levels or the price will immediately go to the next psychological level of 500 — you need to wait until the chart is formed.

In any case, corrections are inevitable, since there are still few people trading ECR, and most of the inexperienced traders (this can be seen on the “spiky” chart) are not skillfully and cowardly trading. But we'll wait :) When volumes increase and there are fewer spikes, technical analysis will be easier to carry out, although everything is already very clear. The picture is formed with good visibility.

On “weekdays”, when the price is in a correction or in a flat, the glass is a little lively, but still, from time to time someone indulges in small volumes:

But during active buying after the news in the eCurrency community, the glass literally “explodes” with excitement. Purchases are very active.

Where can I buy eCurrency cryptocurrency?

The most favorable conditions are, of course, on the crypto exchange. So far, ECR is only traded on the exchange. STEX, will soon be listed on another 2-3 exchanges.

The Ekaransi cryptocurrency community is constantly growing and developing. The only drawback is that so far the volume on the exchange is too small to trade on the short-term (at the peak of volatility it can reach only 1BTC per day).

The only option is to buy ECR while the price is low (now it fluctuates around 0.00000100 - 0.00000200 btc) and wait 1-2 years, then it will be possible to sell it very very profitably.

According to forecasts, the price for ECR in 2021 can reach 0.00001000 BTC and will go further, and on corrections we will buy it back and buy it back :)


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