The best set of binary options indicator strategies

The best set of binary options indicator strategies

The list of the best working trading strategies for binary options, which will be constantly updated.

Working with indicators implies the presence and installation in the trading terminal. Basically the most popular terminals are: MT4, MT5 and live chart.

A set of the best strategies for the MT4 terminal

So, this collection includes all the strategies that involve installing a template with indicators specifically in the MetaTrader 4 trading terminal.

Strategies work on any assets and any timeframes, but for consistently reliable results, it is better to use proven trading pairs of course.

If you are still a beginner, then trade on the main currency pairs and gradually turn on and test all new pairs.

Foreign copyright indicator systems

Simple Options GPReverse Slaughter
LinearMix Magnum Trade QuickPeak
Piper Market NewScience Profitable
color snake ProTrade DDS
Attack Trend illuminate Nintro
Pro Invest MathFx XRMA
Channel Line Lindencourt Red Green Candle
Crafty Serpent Binary Trend Reversal Spine
Fibo Race TD Index Binary Channel 2
Multiplier Crocus carpaccio
Reptile Square Horizon
Trend Jump Channel trend Profi Signal
Four Lin Tsunami Sinus
middle line booker Forecast
dozer Mega Moving OBV SYSTEM
Profit Master Genesis Matrix TMA

Strategies using classic indicators

Strategy based on the MACD indicator Long MACD Stochastic+Bollinger
Bollinger Bands+RSI Stochastic+CCI Bollinger Bands
MACD + RSI EMA+RSI Bollinger Bands+
Bollinger+MACD Simplified RSI Divergence of the MACD

Russian selection of indicator strategies

gold rain Precise Entry forecaster
Fishing Two stochastics Swing Levels
Puria Sapper jet market
Ninja Reverse Half a period
Dragon Channel Fantastic Four New Trend
Grail for 60 sec

Live Chart Strategies

These strategies also include indicators, only they are used in this online chart. This is a special live chart with flexible settings and a ready-made set of indicators and other trading tools.

When trading on an online chart, you also see the real market situation, quotes are received in real trading mode.

Binary Pro 3 Crafty Serpent Trending TS
Money Trampoline WAVE TREND RSI principle
Owl Extreme Matrix Channel breakdown
Shot Navigator

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