The main advantages of trading with the Intrade Bar broker

The main advantages of trading with the Intrade Bar broker
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Consider the main advantages of the Intrade Bar broker over other trading platforms, what is really a good trading solution?

Large selection of expiration

The most important advantage is, of course, the fine-tuning of the expiration time, which unfortunately no other binary broker has.

As already mentioned in reviews, Intrade Bar is great for beginners because of its simplicity of the platform's WEB interface. it is not overloaded with some incomprehensible functions, a convenient and familiar chart with rich functionality.

Directly on the chart, you can carry out almost any tech. analysis, since the indicators are already built in there.

Of course, this is not MT4 for you, but what prevents you from analyzing trading pairs here and there?

Checking quotes - is it important?

Many believe that the main advantage is the ability to check quotes, that this is the only broker that provides such an opportunity.

Actually at any broker you can check the quotes yourself if you want. But what are you going to compare it to?

In general, reconciliation of quotes will not lead to anything, since everyone can have different liquidity providers, and deviations by fractions of points can be attributed to server delays or some other technical features of the platform. Or you just have problems with the network yourself.

And if you look globally, then there is nothing to compare, when, for example, deviations of 100 or more points are visible, when the broker paints long shadows on the candles, etc. All this is visible even without verification.

There is no need to be very meticulous in this controversial issue, if you are successfully trading and notice some small nuances - just skip them and do not take them to heart. If you are withdrawing money from a broker, what else can you find fault with?

They gave you to withdraw - rejoice! In the financial world, few people fulfill their obligations.

Therefore, you just need to have time to row money while it all works)) For example, using the benefits here this profitable strategy.

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