MEGA COOL indicator for forex trading: Xmaster Formula!

MEGA COOL indicator for forex trading: Xmaster Formula!

The Xmaster Formula indicator shows the beginning of a bullish or bearish move. Only 2 arrows: Red and Green and you know when to open a Buy order and Sell!

The indicator was developed for the MT4 program and is installed in the bottom footer of the working window. You can work on any trading pair.

For more efficient trading, of course, it would not hurt to add some more filter to make the trading system more reliable and adequate to the ever-changing market.

Signals by indicator

With a competent approach, the exhaust is good and there is one caveat at the entrances. As soon as the arrow appears, there is no need to rush and immediately enter a trade on the market!

It is necessary to place a pending order, if the arrow is DOWN, we place the Sell Limit delay a little higher, if the arrow is UP, we put it a little lower than the Buy Limit.

Why do it this way? With a good signal, when the level is broken, the price always returns to retest the breakout zone. Our goal is to get the best price.

The screenshot above is a good example of how the indicator clearly showed us the moment of a trend reversal. This is H4 TF, but the indicator also shows signals on lower charts.

In order to catch such large movements, you will definitely need additional filters.


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