Modified stochastic displaying 3 timeframes at once

Modified stochastic displaying 3 timeframes at once

This assembly includes a modification of the well-known Stochastic oscillator, which displays movements in three timeframes on one chart at once.

You can customize the indicator for yourself, set the desired TF, set the levels and color of the lines.

The indicator is intended for use in the MT4 terminal.

Here are the settings for you:

Unfortunately, the period can be set the same for all timeframes, but since the indicator has an open source code, if you have MQL programming skills, you can make changes yourself.

Here is an example of the display on the chart:

I think the principle is clear, in general, this function is convenient and can be used without any changes. If we take only this indicator as the basis of the trading system, then it can be used to trade on binary options, if we correctly select the parameters and TF.


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