Powerful profitable forex strategy: REVOLVER

Powerful profitable forex strategy: REVOLVER

In general, the strategy was originally invented for binary options and there are 2 templates in the archive, for BO and FX. But as it turned out later during testing, the strategy works best for Forex. Trading on binaries is not recommended, there are a lot of false entries.

But in forex, honestly, the strategy surprised me.

The visual part of the system looks very pleasing to the eye, you do not need to configure anything at all. The archive contains indicators and 2 templates, all files are installed in MT4.

The strategy itself shows you the entry points with an arrow, as well as the level of setting Stop Loss and 3 take profits.

Judging by the history, the first take is probably worked out in 99% cases, the second take in 80, the third take profit is 50/50.

You can immediately after reaching the first take profit, transfer the deal to breakeven, after reaching the second take profit, pull the deal to the level of the first one.

Everything is visible and intuitive on the template, there is no point in explaining the trading rules, the main thing is to choose liquid trading pairs and preferably with low spread.

And of course, as always, a forex broker plays a significant role, we advise you to choose MaxiMarkets or at least Alpari.

Smart traders on the Revolver strategy do this broker at 400$ per day, so it is recommended that you do not hesitate, but start trading from today!

Happy trading!


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