BenAdvisor Multicurrency Forex Advisor (yield +26.5% per month)

Stable income with the new forex advisor Ben Advisor!

The initial idea of the adviser was to trade on any currency pair, but it showed the best result on a trading pair: USD/CAD (US Dollar - Canadian)

BenAdvisor is your guide to the World of Autotrading!

A fully automated profit making process is now a reality!

Ben Advisor is a completely New Format robot!

Advisor created by highly qualified programmers under the control of professional traders, which eliminates possible errors when working even with a minimum deposit!

Stop spilling! With the help of a unique robot, you will begin to execute transactions with a high probability of making a profit!

Of course it's not advisor for small deposits (although you can trade on it even with 250$), it's just that your income will be low.

The best solution to start is to at least start with 500$, but the recommended deposit when working with this robot is 1000$.

Technical characteristics of the adviser:

  • Trading instrument: multi;
  • Recommended deposit: $2000 (or minimum 250$);
  • Minimum lot size: 0.1;
  • Leverage: 1:200 or more
  • Trading platform: MT5
  • The average yield at the moment is approximately: 26.5% per month;
  • Recommended broker (allowing auto trading): FinMaxFX

How to start earning with the BenAdvisor trading robot?

Everything is quite simple! You can easily request a 14-day test period to see for yourself that the trading robot is fully functional.

Important! Not all brokers allow trading with advisors, be careful, therefore it is recommended to use only Finmax!

  1. Create a trial period request at special page;
  2. Pass mandatory verification (upload all the necessary documents, otherwise you will not be able to withdraw money).
  3. Make a deposit and install the MT5 program (download from broker);
  4. When the company's specialists contact you, request a test period of the trading robot!

The adviser trades on various trading pairs, and also knows how to make deals on the stock market. When trading on the stock market, you also earn from dividends, everything is real and legal!

Why is it easier and more profitable to use a robot?

Now, for a long time, manual labor has been gradually replaced more and more by special automated programs, in Forex, this is called an ADVISOR.

This is a special script that is installed in the trading terminal and performs trades according to a given algorithm WITHOUT YOUR PARTICIPATION!

The robot is devoid of emotions and feelings, so it does everything only in accordance with the specified parameters.


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