A set of the best signal arrow indicators for MT4

A set of the best arrow indicators for MT4

Arrow indicators are quite popular among beginners, especially for binary options. Arrows are easy to enter, no need to analyze the chart and filter market noise

It is enough just to install the indicator of your choice on the chart of the trading pair and it starts showing arrows for entering trades.

There will be no clear entry rules here, just a collection of the best and most popular switchers, you can test them yourself.

Standard CandleStick Patterns

This indicator very often shows signal arrows for Sell and Buy. According to the author, the best entry is obtained on the EUR/USD pair on the H1 TF, but at first glance there was no noticeable difference in the accuracy of the signals on different pairs and TFs.


Urban Towers

The Urban Towers indicator shows buy and sell signals with arrows. In addition, it includes 6 moving averages.


QQE Arrows

The arrow indicator shows excellent entry signals with the minimum allowable deviations. With it, you can trade binary options using even just this one indicator. The number of false signals is very low, while profitable ones reach about 90%. The indicator is not rebuilt.


Yang Trader Main

The Yang Trader Main indicator is a pointer indicator that works great on any TM and gives high-quality signals with high accuracy.


Maloma S Enter

Maloma is another find for fans of "switchers", as when choosing the right filters, this indicator shows very impressive results.



This arrow indicator is best used on short-term periods, so it will be less late. Binary options expiration should be 2-5 times the current timeframe.


BykovTrend Sig

The Bykov Trend arrow indicator implements the Risk Management parameter setting, with which you can adjust not only the number of incoming signals, but also their quality. The default is 3, it is recommended to choose 30.

Here's what happens with these settings:

As you can see, the result is much better)

Of course, it is better to use this indicator for Forex trading, but in principle, you can test it for binary options if you guess with the expiration time, but only on higher TFs! On the younger ones, the indicator will be too late.


LSMA in ColorOpen3

The difference between this switchman and the rest is that it generates a large number of signals in one direction and does it in a row. You can buy options in the direction of movement on the signal. It is also possible to play around with the settings of the indicator periods.


PZ Day Trading

A professional arrow indicator has a number of complex settings, but if you are a beginner, you can leave everything by default. Signals are issued based on certain levels, which it calculates in real time.

The indicator shows the signals quite accurately and it is a rare case when 3 deals in a row go negative.


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