Probably the best support and resistance indicator: SupDem

Probably the best support and resistance indicator: SupDem

The SupDem indicator must have turned out to be a really extraordinary find, because it builds support and resistance levels very accurately, and it does it right! Taking into account all the "canons" of technical analysis.

What exactly does the SupDem indicator do?

SupDem immediately after you put it on the chart of a trading pair will immediately draw the existing main support/resistance levels for you and will continue to draw all levels in auto mode.

Type of levels on the chart

Here is an example on a 30-minute chart of the NZD/USD pair:

And here is an example of how levels start to work in real trading mode:

But you must understand that the current level will remain dynamic until the price rebounds from it.

How can I trade with the SupDem indicator?

The indicator not only draws lines, but also shows quite accurately the range from the main buyer or seller bar. Here is an example on the EUR/JPY weekly chart:

By zones, you can define targets for fixing positions or for searching for new entries.

Trading recommendations

As you probably understood, the SupDem indicator shows such levels on the chart of any trading pair and timeframe, but this is just an indicator and cannot be a full-fledged trading system with clear rules for entering and exiting a position.

You can download the SupDem indicator for free using the link below! Don't forget to share this page on social media. networks!


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