Links not working?

If the links on the site do not work, nothing happens when you click, then you have a blocker installed in your browser.

For better interaction with the site, in order to use all the functionality, it is better for you to disable your blockers (which you use) for this site.

Usually, all content blockers often block the most important part of the site, as they operate according to the same algorithm.

To disable the blocker, you need to find the application by type in the top menu of your browser (this extension is located to the right of the search bar). ad block and turn it off:

Don't worry, the app doesn't turn off at all, it turns off only for this site, so as not to block its functionality.

Also, if you have an antivirus application installed, you can turn it off too. Let's take Kaspersky antivirus as an example:

Of course, for reliable interaction, so that the site is accessible from any network and you can always use it, you need to add the site address to the exclusion list of your Anti-Virus.

Again, consider Kaspersky as an example. To do this, open Kaspersky itself and follow this path: Settings → Protection → Web Animalscroll down and click Do not check traffic from trusted web addresses:

Next, enter the address in this format* and be sure to click SAVE.

Everything! After such simple manipulations, you get a lot of valuable information, since the functionality of the site is no longer violated by any third-party applications.