New highly effective Simple Options strategy: now only simple rules in binary options!

New highly effective Simple Options strategy
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A new improved strategy for trading mainly on the M1 chart (60 seconds) for binary options with an expiration of 1-5 minutes.

Simple Options - these are very simple rules, just install the MT4 trading terminal and upload the necessary files there, which you can download here for free (indicators and a template + ready-made settings profiles).

Best of all, the strategy (which is surprising) showed itself just on the minute timeframe. Although it is believed that scalping strategies, although the most profitable, are also the most risky.

As for the expiration, then here is the run. Different time period was tested, recommended pairs, such as: are collected in a saved profile, which is in the archive with all strategy files.

On the M1 chart, subject to the trading rules, the creator of the strategy recommended setting an expiration of 2-3 candles, but after reworking the indicators, the expiration was best of all at the level of only 1 candle. When setting 2,3 and 5 candles - the result was 50/50

With expiration for 1 candle per minute, the result turned out to be paradoxical, for about 20 transactions there were only 3-4 unprofitable ones, and this is the MAXIMUM!

At what - this is despite the fact that the strategy is as simple as possible both in terms of technical details and in the trading rules themselves, which you will see now.

Trading rules

The rules are simple, for Call options, you need to wait until a green circle appears below and the candle turns green. We wait for the end of the candle and on the next one we buy an UP option for 1 candle.

Here it is important to wait for the signal point to coincide (green for a Call or red for a Put option). For short trades, the opposite is true: we wait for the red dot to appear at the top, and if a red candle appears, click SELL!

Timeframe and expiry time

The strategy works on any TF and, as already mentioned, with an expiration of up to 5 candles. Here is an example of a working window of 9 charts with examples of signals:

And here is an example of 12 charts:

Trading pairs have been specially selected to be the most liquid, which are almost always available on this trading platform, but this strategy certainly works in principle on any currency pair.


High-speed Internet access is required, otherwise your terminal with quotes will freeze and you will not see the price change in time. Also, in the MT4 settings, it is best to set the minimum value of Displaying bars in the working window to a maximum of 1000, so you and the terminal will have a sufficient response and there will be enough bars for analysis (provided that you work with all available pairs that are saved in the profile ).

But it’s not logical to work with only one or two pairs, since although there are enough signals, it’s still better to open all pairs, as shown in the screenshots above and track them - signals appear quite often and you will have the opportunity to open deals more often and increase your deposit.

Trading recommendations

Trading pairs: all where there is - yen, Australian dollar, American, euro and Canadian;

Working timeframe: any TF from M1;

Expiration: 1-5 candles;

Time to trade: it is better to choose a session in which the currency of the selected pair is traded and not to trade during the news;

Binary Brokers: the most reliable and secure broker - only this! I have been trading for a long time, the flight is normal!

How to download the strategy?

You can download strategy files for free! Click link.

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